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Ebony’s Post on Friday, 12 September 2014


This is my car I raced against the whole 3/4s. It was very hard and I had a great time.

Why ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians


our class has been working on perswaysive writing and we chose whats ais the most important day as you can see i did this as you can see.   By Ebony I think ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians to celebrate and I’m going to tell you why. I think it’s sad to celebrate […]

sea shores


we have been working on a progect on a biome (a biome is a land were living things live) then we chose our biome and did a progect on it and this is it.  Sea shores are a fun rocky place that are located where the ocean meets the land .Look  in a rock pool  you’ll find […]

How to clean a planet


How to clean planet  Our class has been working on machines  we watched a movie called Wall-e for more experience then did a recount on the movie This is a picture of wall-e   You should read this it will tell you how to clean your planet with no pollution     The first thing […]

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