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Hi Lee, I am really excited about this year

welcome to ebonysbrightbook 2016,

this where you find the latest of what is happening in and out of our classroom 2016 today I will be talking about my holidays Christmas and my highlights of the holidays !

I have 2 dogs named Busta and Jed like you and Lilly, what made you decide to get a cat?

Anyway my strengths are being creative I am not very artistic but sometimes I express my knowledge being creative I mean by trying new skills and seeing what I can do with objects and things. you’re also lucky to have me because I am always willing to try my best in any subject.My spelling is pretty good and I prefer literacy rather than maths.

At the start of this year I felt a bit uncomfortable going into grade 5 but now I feel comfortable and I know I will get used to it more as the year progresses. I wish to be a better reader and be vicarious for books want more and more. My goal for 2016 is to be more ready of anything that is happening and trying to raise the bar in my personal learning for 2016, I also can’t wait to have buddies and be a role model leader of the school.

Some activities I like to do is dancing and tennis ✨✨! That is why I am really excited about gala and winter sports because it is just having ago and trying your best.

something that is special about me is that I am a  twin sister. 

I had a great holiday Did you spend the whole time in Tasmania?  I spent some time in Echuca at Christmas .Echuca  is near the Murray river and at the edge of Victoria near Moamma. I stayed there with my cousins. A connection I made is that you grow up in Tasmania and my mum grew up in Echuca and you both  moved to Melbourne.                

If you don’t know I am a big fan of harry potter so I was really excited when I got Hermione’s  wand for Christmas on Christmas day I was currently up to the fifth book (the order of the phoenix) 


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