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My story starts at the age of 10 when I decided to make a change about MEDICAL HEALTH some countries and humans have it all under control and others don’t. Although I realized I had already made a slight change, by the age of   8 I did my first RUN4KIDS  5  KM walk and raised money for […]

banjo patterson


Australian Banjo Patterson Banjo Patterson 1864-1941 Banjo Patterson lived in Narrambla. Patterson real name is Andrew Barton Patterson In his early days he worked as a farmer and a layer. A very exciting bit of his life was in the First World War he made a group of soldiers in the group he was the […]

BTN Australia day


Australia day came from the arrival of the first fleet when port Arthur Phillip landed in Sydney he then claimed it as a British colony  Australia day used to be called foundation day. Aboriginals celebrate Australia day as sorrow and protesting although English celebrate it as joy and happiness. I understand why port Arthur Phillip […]

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When the connection broke Play script Teenager girl When the connection broke I lost my phone Little boy When the connection broke my trucks stopped working Baby When the connection broke TV stopped Mum When the connection broke my iron stopped working Dad Why are you all complaining, every single one of you. I am […]

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MAGNA CARTA King John was in the royal family he was the youngest out of all 8 brother and sisters in his family. One of his brothers were king but others kept dying but the one that stayed alive was named Richard he was called Richard the lion heart and King John the bad. He […]

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        100WC #10 I hate being a statue thought Phil. It’s annoying being a statue thought Murray. Why am I always stuck? Then William thought, oh because I’m a statue… One day, all the statues heard hovering on their plate they were standing on then they came back to life. They were […]

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Soon as I get to school all my nerves kick in, I have never really done this before so what do I do, in my head I say I hope all our practice has been enough.  Quick roll call and hat and medication check all well. Getting on the bus made me feel really nervous. […]



  Micheal read on the video game. ‘Be careful your mission today is, a bad gruesome super hero has appeared in candy land you need to fight it so candy land is safe.’ “Mission fight attack in minutes it will be accomplished” Micheal says aloud. He grows taller as he eats growing potion and shrinks […]

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