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banjo patterson

  1. Australian Banjo Patterson

Banjo Patterson


Banjo Patterson lived in Narrambla.

Patterson real name is Andrew Barton Patterson

In his early days he worked as a farmer and a layer. A very exciting bit of his life was in the First World War he made a group of soldiers in the group he was the ambulance driver of the group in World War 1

Then he became an artist he loved art, art was his passion when he decided to do art he started off with pottery then became an author writing books and stories for all ages he wrote the man from iron bark, The man from snowy river, Clancy of the overflow, they are also rumours he wrote “Waltzing Matilda” Then all of his books became a television commercials.

Another myth is that “he helped create fading”

FUN FACT: He is on the $10 note



BANJO PATTERSON gave everyone a fair go when he was writing books for all ages

He was a caring person when he was in the war and helping everyone safely

He had a passion for art

He gave respect for peoples felling and his own books and others. 




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