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My story starts at the age of 10 when I decided to make a change about MEDICAL HEALTH some countries and humans have it all under control and others don’t.

Although I realized I had already made a slight change, by the age of   8 I did my first RUN4KIDS  5  KM walk and raised money for the kids in hospital, I did other walks like the mothers day classic, relay for life. I have enjoyed by helping the people in need progress to get healthier and stay alive. Also every Easter holidays  there is the good Friday appeal  I donate money, I donate money every year to the appeal.

when I was about 40 I started a job  called MEDICAL MANNERS  where people would come to medical manners (MY HOUSE) and learn how to save people when there in danger.

 It is around the corner from my  local hospital so my students can practice for a real life situation  I hope it goes on for centuries I started it late so  one day i was at medical manners and we had a lunch break and i asked one of my students if you want to take my place next week


I tried to give everyone a fair go whoever they were for there health

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