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BTN-the speaker’s job


  The speaker runs the whole show, call people to speak and make sure everyone follows the rules and make punishments if they don’t follow the rules. In the 13th century the speaker would pass on information to the king if the king would not like the information he speaker could be held under bars […]

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One day I was having an early morning swim at the beach. I cannot help noticing these green things these builders are installing near the litter bin maybe there advertising something new or a new kid’s play area. I keep thinking what they would do near a brown sandy area with a litter bin next […]

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BTN -Govern General


  In 1975 John Kerr sacked the Prime Minister because if you’re Govern General you have the ability to flick the PM. The governor general goes to at least 1 event a day so she is very busy. Quentin Bryce was the first ever female Governor General. I understand that Governor General is a cool […]

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  Prompt: put her hand in the box and felt   It was an early morning at sunshine rivers. Megan heard the doorbell, I’ll get it she yelled not knowing she woke up her twin brother. Megan got the parcel from the parcel man “thank you” she replied. So when everyone was out of site Megan […]

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How a bill is made


  Introduction: In this lesson we learnt about how a bill was passed in federal parliament. There are basically three step to become a law  first the house of representatives and if it gets approved it goes to the senate once they approve it has to be signed my Govern general   http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2016/03/22/4620/ My group […]

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BTN constitution


I learnt that constitution is a book how Australian is run and also some say it is the birth certificate of Australia.  On 1967 they had a referendum which is something like an election but instead you say yes or no there were more yes votes so aboriginals were allowed to be a part of […]

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Prompt: the spot just grew and grew Genre: comedy/fantasy One night after I had dinner, I went up to my room ready to go to bed. But I just couldn’t because there was something on my bed, It looked like gum that my sister eats, but then I felt it and it wasn’t gum at all […]

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