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click here to see my 100wc#19 and to hear me read it  

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The Wall And The Maze


Narrative Blurb: This is a story I started in a forty minutes test and it is completely different from what you see now, as i learnt about theme and message in class i changed it gradually. Then i wasn’t happy with it so i started again in the narrators perspective. Now I have started by setting […]

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BTN what is democracy


The word democracy is from 2 Greek words demos and kratos   (Demos =people and kratos = power or rule) and together they form democracy is two Greek words because Greek/ Athens formed democracy but women, slaves and poor people can’t vote .we are aloud freedom of speech and equal rights and right to justice with […]

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I got this hat


This hat is very special and significant to me here I will tell you how I got this hat when I was about 6 months old it’s actually my dad’s hat and I always use to think it was mine. This year I am going to the northern territory so I hope I can find […]

Learning goals reflection


My semester 2 goals In Literacy I would like to learn how to structure a narrative efficiently and neat. To achieve this I will do more little narratives and work to a bigger better and stronger. Read more novels so I can see how authors structure there narratives. I want to learn in maths how […]



  prompt:  Silence   Orange    Thunder    Pyjamas    Swam  First day of my new school, it’s so nerve-racking, first things first morning routine. I hate getting dressed the school uniform looks like I am wearing  blue, pink and  brown Orange pyjamas and I have to wear this school uniform for the rest of […]

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Btn ivory trade


Poaching is when someone illegally kills and animal to get a part of it and sell it to get wealthy because they are thousands and thousands of dollars. Poaching has killed 25to 30 thousand elephants per year and there is only 50 000 elephants in Africa. Poaching has turned elephants into refuges. I understand why […]

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education week


Today we did a virtual classroom/webinar on this link  click here This week is education week we were learning how to be a good bystander. We got to join a virtual classroom. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO BULLYING and Every one should know how to be a SUPPORTIVE BYSTANDER! I wonder if there […]

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Prompt: stair way to the sky “Rachel have you heard the myth going around the school apparently on the 5th floor and room 593,Johnny’s room or something  there is a…  stair way to the sky.” Whispered Isabel. “What are you waiting for let’s go and explore It. Come on Isabel, mum picks me up in 1 […]

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Eye issues BTN


Nearly half of all Australians have glasses or contacts. Short sightedness is also known as being myopic and in china nearly 4 out of 5 kids leaving high school have eye issues. I understand that shorted sighted is you can’t see far away and long sighted is you can’t see a book or anything up […]

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