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In this unit we learnt about civics and citizenship we first about citizenship what makes a good citizen we learnt to be a loyal citizen. Then there’s civics which is more the parliament area were you make laws you elect use prime minister and other things.


Citizenship is about how loyal  you are to the country and your community and civics is all about making a bill a law. using democracy in Australia electing Prime minister. The word democracy came from 2 Greek words demos and kratos demos means people and kratos power which means people have the the power so it is called democracy. To make a law  from a bill it goes through house of representatives then the senate  you have to follow the eight values Doing your best, Care and Compassion, Freedom, Responsibility,Fair go, Understanding, Honesty and Trustworthiness and Integrity.


I understand that in Australia we use democracy to help govern Australia democracy is  we have a prime minister to help govern Australia everyone over the age of 18 votes and the party with the most votes win. Also you vote for your party not the person.when there is and election the parties organised a leader and if your party wins the leader of that party becomes prime minister and the party who won the election forms government.

Is there other ways of deciding which party forms government than an election.

Some questions i should answer

The most important thing I have learnt is about law making it was intriguing to know more and more. what the clerk does make a bill to an act who sits in there it was SO  interesting what made it even more fun is that we got to make our own bill into a law (we did it in groups of 4 to 5 my group was Oliver,Indigo,Declan and Chiara+myself) our bill that we wanted to make women get payed the same amount in every job as men so the EQUAL PAY BILL. was a bill  for an  act to make sure every job was and equal pay for male and female.(for more information about the equal pay bill CLICK HERE

It was also REALLY fun how my group presented there presentation because we made our classroom Parliament and it had to get passed from the house of representatives to the senate.

I am not going to forget this information but use it when I need to like when i am at Canberra or to research more about the topic. when more elections are coming up or learn more from it.


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