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  INTRODUCTION! In this unit we learnt about civics and citizenship we first about citizenship what makes a good citizen we learnt to be a loyal citizen. Then there’s civics which is more the parliament area were you make laws you elect use prime minister and other things. 321 Citizenship is about how loyal  you are to […]

100WC#15 my story


(this is what happen to my head) Prompt: SUDDENLY The day had come, to go on a holiday with my friends for 2 nights. The car was all packed ready to go! I remembered I had to get a movie, I got the movie hurried down stairs so quickly ready to go out the door […]

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btn safe crossing


BTN Going back years ago pedestrian crossings were made they were made in the late 60s for people to get around easier and more safe he pedestrian push button is actually called Audio tactile pedestrian detector and is an Australian invention. I understand that when I am walking on the streets and I am 15m […]

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