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Mount Alexandra Reflection


We went to Mount Alexandra College to get more information in our science unit. We learnt about physical and chemical changes my favourite one was physical changes because of the big explosions of the dry ice we could also got touch it physically. Another highlight of the day was the Elephant toothpaste we choose pink. […]

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Audacity prompt:  I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see. Goal:  Is to make it sound like it is set for the olden days and show strongly how grace is feeling. Story Why and how did I get here grace said to herself? It was 3 weeks since grace had been […]

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Science experiment


Viscosity liquids and water Introduction:  In term 2 2016 we did a chemistry unit for integrated, we were asked to do a science project my partner Indigo and I decided to do a viscosity liquid and water mix. keep reading to see how we did this experiment. We did this experiment using the 3 states […]



Brexit stands for British exit and they don’t follow rules made from British people. The British people are halved by Brexit VS Team remain, team remain wants to stay in the EU or European Union which has 28 different countries involved they also all have Euros and one common blue flag with a yellow star […]

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prompt:                                 Airport violin swept yellow eaten Audacity:   Goal: My Goal is to use words in a way so it can feel moving not just words that mean nothing at all but make the character feel like she or […]

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Prepared speech reflection


Prepared speech reflection: I did a prepared speech on what are some Properties that all food must have I had difficulties through this and achievements. This my reflection on how I thought I went when I was preparing and did my prepared speech. this is my prepared speech Click here The difficulties I faced when I […]



Some people say Lego is violent but it has been around since 1949 in Billund, Denmark. It started with simple bricks and then progressed to harder and challenging inventions. 30 years later the first Lego weapons were introduced in a yellow Lego castle set. Today Lego is very violent if you haven’t realised, there is […]

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Goal: I want to make the story sound so real by using words and changing them into more sophisticated words to connect with my reader, I know when I think of the prompt fiction but my aim is to make it sound non-fiction. I am going to try and connect it with the prompt from […]

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  There are 150 different Federal electorates in Australia, Electorates can be big or small like Grayndler which is only 32KMSqared although some of them are so big like Durack in Western Australia it is 1.6MKM Squared. There is a different because of the population they are quite equal but Durack covers more land and […]

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prepared speech


  Hello 5/6B today I will be talking to you about what are some properties that all food must have?   The 3 main areas I will talk to you are all about the nutritional information table or N.I  because that is the place where you can find all the properties of food. First question […]

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