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Hello 5/6B today I will be talking to you about what are some properties that all food must have?


The 3 main areas I will talk to you are all about the nutritional information table or N.I  because that is the place where you can find all the properties of food. First question I will be answering is, what is the Nutritional information table the next thing I will explain is what are the most common things you will find on the Nutritional information table, and last of all why the nutritional information table is always on the back of food packages not the front.



You can find food properties on all manmade foods

(Show and explain the food nutritional information table.)

This is the place where you would find all the properties of food and it is called the nutritional information table and I will tell you what the nutritional information table is also called as N.I

The Ingredients must be listed in descending order of weight including added water, and if an ingredient, is less than 5% of one serving it does not have to be listed. Additive or allergen must be listed no matter how small of an amount it is. Sometimes composite ingredients can be added to the N.I list for example chocolate instead of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar in a choc chip ice-cream. You need food properties on the N.I list on every food package so you can make a good healthy choice about your food, to make sure about allergies and good needs in your life.




The food properties must have are additive or allergen which you heard about before. They also need.


  • Energy
  • Saturates
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugars
  • Fibre
  • Protein
  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Sometimes Sodium, Calories, Individual Needs, Daily Values (DA), nutrients.

Normally shows in percentage except if it is in grams or another unit. It normally shows the average per serving and the average of 100g



Why is the nutritional information table listed on the back? Most companies DO NOT  list it on the front because of their advertising (explain a bit more about the shops and how they advertise on the front not the back show props)

Tell why fruit, vegetables and manmade stuff don’t have the nutritional information table.



In conclusion the list  shows all the properties of food and it is called the (ask students to tell me )or the N.I table and  it is placed on the back it  has variety of nutrition facts and was introduced in 2003 as a law and is still used to day so make sure you use it for your special needs, allergies and good choices for life so when you pick up your next food package that is manmade look at the nutritional information table and make sure it is the right food for you but remember to throw the wrapper out for nude food purposes.















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