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Goal: I want to make the story sound so real by using words and changing them into more sophisticated words to connect with my reader, I know when I think of the prompt fiction but my aim is to make it sound non-fiction. I am going to try and connect it with the prompt from last week prompt which was a picture of the Dubai airport.

click here to see my 100wc about the Dubai airport.

Prompt: …a whistle blew and everyone disappeared…

Breaking news the television roared in my face an attack just broke out at the Dubai airport, the story tells that they were trying a new communication, my blowing a whistle so they could understand when to stop, start, fly, land but today the whistle blew and everyone disappeared even the pilot and air hostess and the whistle. The plane was just spotted 1 hour ago and it was known as an empty plane from all that we have heard, police, fire and ambulance etc. have all been looking for this mysterious people and whistle. The airport will be closed.


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