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Prepared speech reflection


Prepared speech reflection:

I did a prepared speech on what are some Properties that all food must have I had difficulties through this and achievements. This my reflection on how I thought I went when I was preparing and did my prepared speech.

this is my prepared speech Click here

The difficulties I faced when I was preparing for I was…

When I prepared my speech I started my writing it up by a word document then I remembered I had to do cue cards I had to change it a bit and give more examples for ex: I had to make it more flowing put firstly, furthermore, Lastly and  in conclusion bring props in. Then I could structure my writing I also had to add in things and change them like my best argument first. After practicing it all came together my memorising and adding bits of information, it was also hard to find what I was talking about and get the main bit which I thing I could have still improved on.

The strong points I achieved and stood out in my presentation was…

The feedback I got from the class was that I had a well-structured presentation. I also felt confident when I was getting ready to go up I felt nervous but after I finished my introduction I was really comfortable. The class thought it was structured, I knew where I was and I knew what I was talking about. The props made it easier for me to communicate with the audience.

I could have worked on these habits to get a higher result next time      

I could have went into the question a bit more for example I Focused a lot on the nutritional information table and I could have gave the basics of the nutritional information when I could have focused in other areas such as other properties. I also could have connected back to the 3 states of matter. I think I could had smaller cue cards.

I could use these speaking and listening skills in other subjects

To communicate the class discussions and put input into it and ask questions. Also when I have to do a report on something I would have had this practice and I would know what to do and how to handle it. Also to break some of my habits.



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