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Some people say Lego is violent but it has been around since 1949 in Billund, Denmark. It started with simple bricks and then progressed to harder and challenging inventions. 30 years later the first Lego weapons were introduced in a yellow Lego castle set. Today Lego is very violent if you haven’t realised, there is a lot of violent weapons in Lego for example Harry Potter, Star Wars and regular Lego. Lego says it does not show weapon in a violent way but it show activity, conflict and fantasy.

I understand why people think Lego is violent because now it does have violent things because some Lego is from movies and comics so it does have violent but I also understand that kids may take it the wrong way but or they could take it the wright way.

Why did the show Lego as their main argument and not comics electronics or movies.


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