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Viscosity liquids and water


 In term 2 2016 we did a chemistry unit for integrated, we were asked to do a science project my partner Indigo and I decided to do a viscosity liquid and water mix. keep reading to see how we did this experiment. We did this experiment using the 3 states of matter and e focused on liquid the most.


To investigate if different levels of viscosity effect mixing with water.


 we predicted that the low viscosity will mix better because it is so thin. when we put the water in the beaker with the substances it will make it thin so the paddle pop stick will mix smooth and easy with the substances. The thickness may slow the mixing down as well.

Procedure:  Science experiment ⬅this is our link to our procedure


We noticed after a couple of days after the experiment that when we mixed the honey and water and gave it a mix after a couple a days it became  a different viscosity level it was very thick but adding strong thin viscosity(water) it made the honey loose most of it’s viscosity. So now it is easy to stir because of it’s low viscosity.

With the toothpaste it was quite interesting because it has such a high viscosity it was quite hard to get it it into the beaker. The mixing was very tense probably the hardest because toothpaste and the highest viscosity levels out of all our substances. After a couple of days the toothpaste went purple.

The maple syrup was the easiest to mix because it was thin and had the lowest viscosity level. With the water mixed into it it was more like water but when we mixed it it didn’t mix as well water does.

Chocolate syrup was hard to mix. Because same with the honey it was hard to mix but chocolate syryp had a even thicker viscosity.


The honey changed it’s viscosity level from thick to thin with the water the chocolate  syrup gained foam. But the toothpaste was the biggest and most positive change.

Our experiment was simple. Find out if the viscosity of a liquid effects mixing
with water! SIMPLE! It turned out the way we wanted it. Well… it turned out
the way we didn’t expect but it didn’t effect with our experiment. The
toothpaste turned white! WOW! Amazing! No, I’m kidding. The real
surprise…ready? It. Turned. PURPLE! We did not see that coming.


Our experiment was effective because our experiment went exactly as predicted. It mixed with the purple. -Read the observation for more information

Maybe next time we could keep one liquid -like the honey- and change the water to something different. Like vinegar.Or change how much there is in the beaker. We could also investigate what is in water that made all the substances mix easier and if we changed the substances so it wasn’t viscosity levels but how squishy or malleability it is or maybe how transparent  something is.


Here are some pics when we were doing our experiment.

WIN_20160617_092855 WIN_20160617_092848 (2)

here our are substances:

choclate syryp            honey         maple syryp               t paste

Choc Syrup                 honey                     Maple syrup                 toothpaste


our   glossary

This link is to my partners blog,  Indigo                              indigo2014.global2.

This link is to the standards of our experiment                 learning goal standards

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