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Audacity   Goal: to introduce the setting with magical and tier 3 word choice with characters that live in the magical place. Use rhyming for more structured sentences     As little Isabella woke up she looked around but heard no sound except little whispers against her ear the sounded so near she assumed this […]

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New Zealand had another earthquake on the 01 of March 2011 more than 100 people died and many others were injured. New Zealand is getting so many earthquakes that’s because New Zealand is on the edge of a tectonic plate, New Zealand and the pacific plate. This earthquake became 6.3 on the Richter scale struck. […]

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Persuasive text: seed bank BTN


Seed banks are good idea to help save the WORLD not just one person but I am talking the place we breathe on and express emotions on. So every seed a day could make a big difference to our world. So I agree that seed banks is a good choice of money. In Antarctica they […]

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Audacity    prompt: Sunshine,   Ice,    Frightened,    Purple,    Flew Goal: Is to change the scene creatively and express the characters feeling. Story: The sunshine was shining through my clear glass windows the purple hot air balloons flew over me. Another day of warm relaxing and nothing to do. Then I heard beep, beep, and […]

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BTN- pet therapy


BTN Pet therapy Pet therapy is for people that are stressed feel calmer or give people that are lonely some companionship. Animal therapy can be trained for people at hospital or with disability and especially autism, they are now starting to bring them into high schools to make them less worried and stressed about their […]

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Term 2 reflection


This is my term 2 science reflection  This is my reflection on how we went and what we did in term 2 science reflection Term 2 reflection

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