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Persuasive text: seed bank BTN


Seed banks are good idea to help save the WORLD not just one person but I am talking the place we breathe on and express emotions on. So every seed a day could make a big difference to our world. So I agree that seed banks is a good choice of money.

In Antarctica they are making a seed bank called the doomsDay vault

Firstly, in ten years you don’t know what is going to happen or were you even are, no one does so this seed bank might keep us still living if we have natural disasters or  war also farmers are not tending to grow seeds now.  So it would be good if we could raise awareness. To help the seed bank be more important.

Furthermore, it will not be a huge, disappointing and poor let down because people are willing to help they want to help keep seeds safe and prepared to lock up, even spend their money on high security alarms. But since it is Antarctica not many people want to break in. except animals.

Lastly, I think the seed bank is good for our nature and helps our plants because if there is none left we can’t breathe because we have no oxygen so this seed bank is really important for our future world.

In conclusion seed banks are really important for our world and it is worth spending the money on.

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