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BTN-Earthquakes Chile and Haiti



Chile and Haiti are 2 countries that suffer from earthquakes, in Haiti 250,000 people were killed and many more were injured and a month later an earthquake was hit in Chile it only killed 500 people the moment he Chile earthquake hit for 1 minute but had enough energy to make a lot of damage to even change the world rotation slightly. Earthquake are also measured on the Richter scale.

I understand that it all comes down to money because some countries are wealthier then others and if that advantage of the countries having money they can use it on things they need and earthquakes or natural disasters but I think most people should use it on natural disasters because they are rare but a big impact which can cause the worst thing in life death… Although more countries may use their money on it more because they get more earthquakes. I also understand why people would go out of their way to help clean up because it is a hard thing to go through

Why did they compare Chile and Haiti not Haiti and Thailand?

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