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As a project for a natural disaster unit we did an information report. We could choose any topic I chose earthquake  we chose a theme and started answering questions of our theme. With contents, glossary and bibliography along with other attachments. Here is my information report Earthquake(click here) and my blank-question-matrix- and this is my information-report-assessment-matrix-

Defence force BTN


some students are going on a 4 day work experience to see what it is like to be in the military. The first day was all about some main drills like camouflaging there weapon trucks and shooting to by technology, The next day was about taking up to the sky’s in an massive military aircraft […]

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Goal: I wrote it in sneak freaks please isn’t of view and left the prompt last: I am finally ready to compete for my first time at an Olympic sprinting audition. I have actually made it this far. It was honestly the best feeling ever. I start at exactly 5:30 and I am ready. I […]

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School captain application


School captain Dear Grade 5s My name is Ebony Manion and I have been at this school since prep.  I have a twin sister named Jacinta.  My parents have been helping and a part of the school since prep.  They have been involved with School Council and the Parents Association. Some leadership roles I have […]

100WC Cheering crowd


Audacity Goal: was to see what a footballer  would think as their losing a grand final.😓 I walked onto the green grass ready to win an ultimate football grand final for 2006 the red football in my hands. A quick warm up and BEEP the game has officially started. The opponent scores the first goal, […]

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BTN- $5 note


Audacity: In Australia our bank notes are recognizable for their colors and famous people. Although the reserve bank of Australia think we need to give or notes a makeover starting with the $5 note. It is being changed by 1st of September. It is getting a window right through it and when you tilt a […]

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