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Dear Grade 5s

My name is Ebony Manion and I have been at this school since prep.  I have a twin sister named Jacinta.  My parents have been helping and a part of the school since prep.  They have been involved with School Council and the Parents Association.

Some leadership roles I have done in the past is SRC representative, a leader of a School newspaper called the ROCC , in year 3 I participated in collecting mobile phones for the Melbourne Zoo to help save the Gorilla’s habitat and green team.

All of these programs have helped me to be a better leader, be more organised and to balance schedules well.  I was in chess club and now in a dance team which shows commitment, participation and team work.


Firstly, I believe that the role of School Captain requires good organization skills.  It is very important to have organizational skills to be ready for both expected and unexpected events.  Participating in the SRC, gorilla fundraiser and the ROCC program have all helped me to be ready, calm and efficient.

ROCC meetings weren’t always easy.  Often people would not listen, talk over each other and not contribute to the discussion.  I helped worked out some strategies and I succeeded.

We produced our first newspaper.  These skills will help me in SRC, School Council and assemblies because it will be all right if I have to do a prepared speech or non-prepared speech because I will be prepared, organised and efficient.
Secondly, it is vital to have communication skills in the role of school captain because you have to be able to talk and communicate with people older and younger than you. I think I am capable of this because I work with kids older and younger than me as friends and in the Buddy program.

I love working with younger and older kids because I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I can communicate with adults too because I learn a lot from them. In future as school captain I will talk to adults which I am capable and happy doing.  Share ideas and encourage to work as a team.

Lastly, I will talk about my new learning experiences. I am ready and open to new ideas. I am excited and ready to conduct meetings, run events also be on teams with others. This experience will be exciting and fun although I will still be able to learn from this experience.

I am willing to give this all a go. My experience in Buddies, SRC, Leader of the ROCC, Green team and the Gorilla experience for the Melbourne Zoo. Have all helped me be ready prepared and excited to be your school captain for 2017


I hope you agree, vote for me and trust me to represent you as your school captain for 2017

Kind regards,




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