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The ancient study of astronomy


Doing stars  and space of astronomy in term 4 2016 we watched a video on how different tribes discovered star and what they did with their information.

First fact I learnt was people from Babylon called Babylonians was interested in astronomy they created mathematical observation using their space observations. Another tribe called Maya which is an Indian tribe.  Looked into space and wrote lots of texts about their observations. They don’t exist anymore because they got burnt when they were writing them by the Spanish. We do know that they created a smart number system called the Mayan long count calendar it had the base 20 not 10 like we use today. Another tribe the ancient Greeks. Talami was a famous astronomer. Born in Egypt. He got most of his information form Hipparchus. Hipparchus is known for the father of trigonometry. He also invented precession of the equinoxes (a term of the wobbling of the earth around its axis) this machine helped explain in 12,000 years the north star Polaris won’t be there and become baker.

A question I still have is how Timali got the information off Hipparchus? Who was more successful Babylonians or Maya? I understand modern astronomy is so important and   a great deal to ancient people. The ancient people that are form our astronomy and civilisation. Were as fascinated as stars as we are today they also discovered more.

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