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Literacy circle – Word Watcher Reflection


A job of a word watcher is to understand more vocabulary. You have to find 5 interesting, surprising or challenging words. They must stand out to you as your reading. Make sure the be unfamiliar or relate to the story, used in a unusual way, person place or country it has to be Interesting describing words, Word that are hard to pronounce lastly be careful you don’t find a gibberish word.  To present make sure you read the sentence you have written using the vocabulary word and write down the group’s prediction as to the meaning of the word. Make sure to have 5 words but research the one that was the most interesting surprising or challenging.  But share all.





  1. As you are reading. Search for five vocabulary words. Select the 5 words you are presenting to your group.
  2. Copy the sentence down EXACTLY as it appears on the text.
  3. Look up the word AND include the part of speech i.e. noun verb adjective.
  4. Write your sentence down correctly using the word.


























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