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Earth to mars


Space – earth to mars

Space X stated goal is to get from earth to mars and have a civilisation on mars with 8,000 people living there. On the 27th of September 2016 Elon musk gave a talk about how they are going to make a civilisation on mars. The MCT or mars colonial transporter space ship that they want to take can hold up to 100 people or 100 tons of cargo. The Big falcon rocket is the rocket of the ship with maximum reusability. The jobs people would do is astronomy planetary science life science and engineering. Then you would have Geologists, astronomers, cytologist’s philosopher to find food and fruit to live. Then you have got administrators maintenance and chefs but they need transportation shelter and money and food to eat. But we can do that on mars because it is the only self-efficient planet apart from earth with water fuel and air.

How are the going to walk or build with out much atmosphere and gravity? Also how would they be able start cities or countries because mars is almost just dirt?

I understand they have a stabled rocket and enough life on mars but still a civilisation on mars.  (Crazy)


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