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Safe webinar

Today is safety internet day. To learn about safety internet day we did a school webinar all across Victoria. The webinar reached 128 countries celebrating safety internet day.

The webinar we learnt about social media, privacy and personal details. We learnt that you should always make sure you are not putting out personal info on your social media.

We also learnt that when your famous you could get rich and you could meet your biggest heroes although you still have to be safe especially on line. You could get notice every time you walk to the shops or going to school / park.

We also learnt that there are a few websites that can help us with these problems like kidshelpline.com.au and e-safety website. Both gives you advice about cyber bullying.

An example of this is lolly Jam. A kid thought it would be a great idea to enter, although she had to put an application in of her making her lolly creation. She thought it was great that her video reached over 900 views but her dad told her once she was famous there was no more privacy. So that meant that or anyone could put anything about her on. Then she started to realise it wasn’t cool to be famous because people stole her privacy and identity as well as having embarrassing nasty comments posted about her. Someone posted a really nasty comment about her saying that she ugly and that her sugary creation was garbage. She had no idea what to do. We thought that she could have told a trusted adult or ignore the comment.

We also have a privilege to have rights on the web such as feeling safe and secure to be different and to have privacy.

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