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I am so excited for you to teach me this year and work with all your great creative ideas. I have had a great holiday it was fun exciting and we were always doing thing. it was nice when we eventually got a day to relax and chill at home.

I have been at the school since prep. I have enjoyed every day walking through the school gates. The school is so welcoming and friendly and I just can’t believe I have to end this journey in 1 year. My first teacher was Leigh Richardson she was a great teacher. She taught me a variety of skills and fun facts that I could use in a few years

Here is a crazy teacher/gender pattern that I would like to share with you.

Prep, Leigh Girl
Year 1, Andrea Girl
year 2 , Senada Girl
Year 3, Antony Boy
Year 4, David Boy
Year 5 , mainly Lee Boy
Year 6, Libby (you) Girl


In my spare time I like to dance, I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I love it. I do 8 styles and do 8 hours. It is great sport and I enjoy it heaps. I am dedicated and practice a lot. I do competitions and my team does pretty well.

I have a twin sister named Jacinta, which is pretty cool and sometimes really annoying, we get along well when we feel like it . She does gymnastics she is also really creative.  We have a lot of fun together. Most of the time we spend most of our time on our electronics, trampoline or playing spit a really fun card game. It takes from 15 mins to 2 hours. We do a lot of fun and funny things together and have a lot of fun.

I have 2 dogs and we are pretty sure they are Border collie cross kelpie. Their names are Busta and Jed. They both love playing fetch and very playful. Busta is normally the lazy one and Jed always listens and is more like a farm dog. They are twin brothers and gets annoyed when any other dog come to their “territory” (home). They are both really good dogs and listen most of the time.

On the holidays we spent most of our time up in Echuca. Our cousins are up there and we always have a fun time. We went to the Murray River for a day, we floated, tubed and went on a boat it was are really cool day. Which was even better,Our cousins also have a pool so we spend hours in there Making up games and playing around.


We watched two movies in Echuca. One was called “Sing “and the other was called “Red Dog True Blue.”   I enjoyed both of the movies so much. Sing was funnier but I like Red Dog True Blue more, I really like how they did the prequel it was really creative especially  the way they ended the movie. I also watched Ballerina with friends and Fantastic beasts at a party.  At our grandparents house we watched Middle School. We were ready for a funny movie from the trailer, but they did a really good job of putting a twist to it and made it a really good movie. The way they didn’t show the twist in the trailer was really cool. I really want to watch Trolls and Lion because they look interesting and engaging on the trailer but there might be a twist…  I have also heard good things about the movies.

One of the biggest highlights of my holidays was going to Cirque Du Soleil.  So many acts made me jump and get really scared but they are professionals so they performed perfectly. The acts that made me jump were the tight rope and the wheel of death. The tight rope was amazing.  They walked, ran on it, piggy backed, skipped on it, rode a bike and rode a double bike with a person sitting on the chair and riding it across. Look at the video of the wheel of death.

This Wheel of Death act was performed By Cirque du soleli  Cirque do soleil official website““`

Another really good day was Kids tennis day which was the Australian open kid’s day. There were fun games, stage shows, activities and rock climbing.  My favorite one was the “bounce” activity that you jump onto a jumping pillow. It was really fun and I did it twice.  Afterwards I went into Rod Laver Arena and we saw Daria Gavrilova, Milos Raonic, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. They mucked around and played little games.  We also got front row seats which was awesome..

The last exciting thing we did was go to the official Carlton VS Collingwood womens football match.  It was a great game. Collingwood got smashed which I was upset about because I was going for Collingwood. There were about 24 000 people at the game.  They had to lock out some people as well. After the games we stayed and kicked the footy on the ground which great and it was a really cool opportunity.. Afterwards we stayed and met all the players it was worth it because we got about 25 signatures and a lot of photos.

I had a really great time on the holidays and I hope you learnt some facts about me.



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