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One of the biggest historical events in Australia had just had their 75th anniversary on 19th of February 2017.  It was the bombing of Darwin.

Australia has taken risks, sacrifices and changes to be where it is at now. The cars has changed the clothes have changed the laws the responsibility and safety have all changed and Australia defence which comes under war, war was a big impact in Australia. It changed how we are living in a healthy and wealthy country with friendly people and enough safety to be insured that we could be safe.

Australia was a part of group of countries led by Britain, France, United States, Soviet Union and Australia they were a group called the allies. A question I have is did allies come from the word aliasing with countries. On the other hand there was another group called that contained of Germany Italy and Japan. The target for bombs and guns wasn’t just where the war was happening but other places they would attempt to threat.

Australia had a sense that the war was far away from them and they wouldn’t be in any risk of bombs or death. Until 1941. Authorities started to worry about Darwin a small town that was the top of Australia and closest to the war target. The military got concerned about Darwin being bombed by japan. I wonder what gave them the evidence to even think why Darwin would be bombed.  Once the government and the military got the sense about Darwin being bombed they decided it would be safe to move the women and kids to Perth to be safer. They kept the dad and the men left in Darwin to fight and defend themselves.

Sure enough Australia was right Darwin got bombed on February 19th 1942. Japan aim was to destroy our country’s northern deference. On their way they decided to destroy Timor, then they followed by on destroying Darwin. They bombed military bases, the town and harbor they sinking several ships including the US destroyer. They weren’t done though they came back for a second attack soon after. I wonder when they came back again

The 2 attacks were extremely and killed at least 235 people although 400 more were critically injured. It has killed the most people in Australia at a time. This unfortunate record has been held for seventy five years.  There were 90 attacks in the northern territory in that time.

Darwin will never forget the unfortunate, important, upsetting event. So to pay their respect a school did a painting. I understand they did it to let Darwin know they haven’t forgotten. I would love to do a painting to show my respect. I have done one in a Australia.   

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