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Prompt: Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera Story  Greg floated off the Ep001 rocket ship.  Greg took a deep breath and kept walking.  He was surrounded by the most beautiful and biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn.  Greg got out his camera and started taking pictures, they were splendid.  Greg was so excited […]

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Interview Video- Anh Do


This week we watched an interview of Anh Do talking about whats in his book and what happens in his life. click here for the link of the video I watched and did a reflection of (which is down below)   KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information   […]

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Prompt:   … But how can something so tiny … 100wc: “Come quickly over here, I have spotted an animal that changes colour every time I move.” Jessica yelled “Wow I will come have a look,” Liam said running over fast. “That’s a chameleon little sis.” “Oh, but how can something so tiny change colour when […]

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BTN Federation explained (splash video)


Here is the video we had to watch for this weeks home work: click here to find the splash video that I did for homework  KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information   Australia is a large, beautiful country with vast land and the majority of the Australian population speak […]

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Prompt: …so that is why I am always last… 100wc: “Hey you!” “Ah me.” “Yeah you, I need you to do your green team application.” Mr. Burken groaned. “Alright” Grace replied. Grace thought in her head why she was last all the time. Grace was alone eating her lunch suddenly shadows emerged of the 3 […]

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Frillet Trees 100WC#3


Prompt:             Newspaper Article: The Frillet trees at Mary Fur Park have grown hands. Tree specialists have come in and they have now figured out why the Frillet trees have hands. The trees grow by a creature living under ground and the creature slowly pushes the tree out of the […]

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BTN -Convicts stealing


BTN: I watched a video about how history is changed and from 2 soldiers becoming a covict: KEY       Blue = Facts Red=Understanding Green = Questions Black=More Information Soldiers Sudd and Thompson wanted to steal on purpose so they could get convicted. Some soldiers considered this a privilege. Convicts get assigned hours, have […]

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Prompt:  Yellow, However, discover, remarkable, gingerly Wow, how cool is George Lemaitre. He figured out that the Big Bang theory is all matter in the universe went into a dot and then that dot expanded into all matter becoming our universe. “Wow, how did he discover that. “I wouldn’t have a clue, however he did […]

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BTN First fleet


We watched 2 video on the first fleet and this is what I got from it. BTN KEY Green- facts Blue understanding Red Question Australia day is on the 26th of January. We celebrate it on the 26th because that when the white people came. Did it make a difference to Australia? Yes. Was it […]

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