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We watched 2 video on the first fleet and this is what I got from it.



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Australia day is on the 26th of January.
We celebrate it on the 26th because that when the white people came. Did it make a difference to Australia? Yes. Was it good at the time?

 In the 1700’s     

Maids, butlers, workers and even kids were sentenced to death or gaol for life. English laws were really hard and harsh. Stealing one thing to survive could result the death sentence. It was hard for everyone because they couldn’t even go somewhere or sell something or women could not do men’s jobs without landing in serious trouble.

Why did England make the laws and rules so harsh?


There were both children and adults in goal. Poor innocent kids were locked away. Orphans or kids that had a family all wanted the same thing, a normal life.


 In England everyone was poor because of laws and the way they ran England.  Poverty lead to a majority of people being homeless. It was either be sick and die on the streets or stay in gaol for the rest of your life.


There were so many gaols that couldn’t bear to put another soul in. So they killed some until they had the solution of transportation. Brittans could go to either Africa or America although America didn’t want them to use their land so they rode up against them so they wouldn’t use their land.

So why didn’t they use Africa?

So they sailed off to Australia which was a land that not many people had been to at the time. They went off to New South Wales with most of their convicts to start a new colony.

11 ships headed off to New South Wales, 6 out of 11 were to transport convicts. They were the Alexander, the Friendship, the Charlotte, the Lady Penbryn, the Prince of Wales and the Scarborough followed by 2 navy ships HMS Sirius and HMS Supplies and 3 just for supplies, the Golden Grove, the Fishburn and the Borrowdale. Captain Arthur Phillip got to lead that colony.

The convicts weren’t so positive about their ship. On the voyage, they were sick some died and 17 of them were poor innocent children.  The ship went through Portsmouth on the 13th of May 1787, then they arrived at Rio de Janerio on 5th of August 1787, then went on to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.  They followed on and anchored at what Arthur Phillip called Sydney cove.
The convicts found it new, strange and harsh.

To the aboriginals it was their place they called home for tens of thousands of years. Was their home being replaced?

The aboriginal’s were replaced by white people. They called them ghost people. It was hard for them because there home was going. But they were determined to keep it. They kept living their lives and took no notice about the white people. They went their own separate ways but sometimes came into contact and just ignored them after that.  

I feel for the Aboriginals because having your home and your heritage damaged and replaced would be hurtful and wrong.


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