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BTN -Convicts stealing


BTN: I watched a video about how history is changed and from 2 soldiers becoming a covict:


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Soldiers Sudd and Thompson wanted to steal on purpose so they could get convicted. Some soldiers considered this a privilege. Convicts get assigned hours, have a much easier job, gets agreed rates of pay and last of all when they have finished their time they could get to buy some land. That is why Sudd and Thompson wanted to be a convict because they thought it was fairer.

Thompson and Sudd thought they were stealing cloth but not knowing they were stealing a place in history.  Stealing history meaning that they were the first to get tortured as a punishment and stir up a lot of drama about if their punishment was fair.

Thompson and Sudd wanted to be convicts because regular soldiers get a lousy pay, get bored and are victims of brutality and get home sick.  So they wanted to be a convicts.

Times were changing and Australia was getting harsher.  Governor Darling set the punishment and he made it a whole lot tougher.  Instead they had to do much more dirty work than what they were expecting.

Their punishment was to get chained up on their arms legs and neck.  It was called torture the prisoners couldn’t stand or walk properly. It was dreadful.

I understand that the soldiers would feel heart broken and betrayed that they were the first to get this torture.  They would also feel let down and regret that they chose to steal to be a convict.  While most of the population chose to steal to live.   


 Francis Falls was the first Chief Justice of New South Wales. He got awarded that position by a High Court member. One of Francis’s jobs was to make sure that England wouldn’t criticise Australia’s Laws.

Thompson and Sudd got a very hard punishment and Francis thought the punishment was very repugnant to England in which they should have been transported to a secondary penal settlement for 7 years not to get chained.

Darling (who set the punishment) turned into an autocrat and made it very harsh for the two soldiers.

As they are doing their punishment Sudd (one of the boys who stole the cloth) couldn’t bear it so he went to prison hospital where his chain got removed although he died in agony 5 days later. 

Understanding I can see why Sudd died because he was getting choked and the regret and pressure got to him and apparently he was sick beforehand.  

Wentworth decided to repeat the issue and make his own decisions about what would happen.  He decided to impeach the Governor.

Did Wentworth ever get to impeach the governor for doing something he doesn’t agree with?    

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“BTN -Convicts stealing”

  1. March 20th, 2017 at 3:41 am      Reply aaliyah2016 Says:

    I liked how you added information that readers can understand, i also like in your understandings that you put yourself in their shoes. But maybe don’t do to many facts cause it can confuse the reader. Otherwise great job!

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