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…so that is why I am always last…


“Hey you!”

“Ah me.”

“Yeah you, I need you to do your green team application.” Mr. Burken groaned.

“Alright” Grace replied.

Grace thought in her head why she was last all the time.

Grace was alone eating her lunch suddenly shadows emerged of the 3 school bullies. Followed by Veronica’s ear piecing voice,
“Let’s talk alone Gracie” Grace didn’t know what got to her although she went along with it.
Veronica told her,  “Mr. Burken is only making you last because you remind him of  his daughter that died 2 years ago.”  “Thanks Veronica I will talk about it with Mr. Burken tonight.” Grace said appreciatively.

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  1. March 20th, 2017 at 3:54 am      Reply carah2014 Says:

    Hi Ebony,
    This was a great piece. I think it ended to suddenly though. This would have most likely been better if you weren’t limited to 100 words as I think you could expand on it more. But from the 100 words I got it was really good. keep up the good work. 😊

  2. March 20th, 2017 at 4:12 am      Reply juliet2014 Says:

    Hi Ebony,
    I liked the language you used at the end, but at the start you could use more complex vocabulary. I also liked how you changed the ending, it’s much better; it makes more sense and it sums up the story better.

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