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BTN Federation explained (splash video)


Here is the video we had to watch for this weeks home work: click here to find the splash video that I did for homework 


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Australia is a large, beautiful country with vast land and the majority of the Australian population speak English.

Although things could have been really different if history had taken a different path. For example in 1642 Aiden Tasman stumbled over Tasmania, if he stayed there for more time than he did, we would all be speaking Dutch.

How much would our life change if Aiden Tasman stayed? Would we be speaking Dutch and would that affect anything in our lives today?

Originally my country wasn’t officially called “Australia” until 1770, when Captain James cook claimed majority of Australia for Great Britain.

Australia at one point in time was one continent and it had 6 different countries which were colonies and Great Britain was in charge. The 6 colonies were like countries since they all had their own defence forces, their own trade policies and their own vehicle transportation.

The colonies started to think about joining together so they could have a larger and stronger defence force. Although they were still suspicions about how they would all work together.

I understand why the colonies weren’t ready to trust each other because they couldn’t agree on how the small or big populated were going to work together. They needed to trust each other to become a country with shared roles and with equal rights to be a good country. 

The colonies could have become their own individual countries like USA and Canada. For example parts of Asia had to fight a war to turn into separate countries like India and Pakistan. In Australia they agreed that the more populated countries would have the same number of senators. From there they decided to make a new country “Australia”, on July the 9th 1900 Great Britain agreed Australia be its own country, with its own rules and laws. On January 1st 1901 Federation happened, letting the colonies join together to become one country, a new nation and the commonwealth of Australia. The Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) the territories joined in later. 

Although Women still couldn’t vote until 1902 and aboriginals couldn’t vote until 1962, they weren’t even counted in Australians population until 1971.

I understand why things weren’t still the best, because they couldn’t be, because not everything is perfect. They just got together and they wanted to run a safe, happy and wealthy country which isn’t easy. So I am sure they got straight to work because now Australia is a safe, happy and wealthy country.      

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