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Interview Video- Anh Do


This week we watched an interview of Anh Do talking about whats in his book and what happens in his life.

click here for the link of the video I watched and did a reflection of (which is down below)  


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Anh Do is a Vietnamese Refugee who came to Australia.

Anh Do wrote a refugee book about his life and how he escaped from Vietnam also why he escaped from Vietnam. He also says in his book about how he got to Australia and the rest of his life.

Aged 2, Anh Do escaped from Vietnam with his family. He was at sea in his boat for 5 days. Until he hit Australia

Just Imagine you have flown to Europe or America far away on a plane and it takes about 18 hours so times that by five or going up and back up and back and up. In a little boat with not much people in stormy seas and you are about 2 and you have hardly any food or water you are also escaping from war so you can never come back. So I understand how harsh hard and heart breaking the journey would be.

They came across 2 pirate attacks one of the pirate attacks grabbed Anh Do’s brother and the pirates threatened to kill Khao Do (Anh Do’s brother) and whatever got to the pirates, I don’t know, although the pirates didn’t kill Khao Do.

Khao Do went on having a great life in Australia and became the junior Australian of the year in 2005.

 What was the pirate’s inspiration to let Anh Do’s little brother Khao Do free?

What happened in the 2nd pirate attack?

Anh Do was rescued by Germans after pirate attacks and storms.

They were relived, rescued and reassured that Germans came to rescue them. They threw Anh Do’s dad an axe and said if you want to get rescued break your boat that’s our policy your boat has to be sinking for us to rescue you. So that is what the dad did and the Germans then brought them to Australia which Anh Do’s family has called Australia (there home) for about 40 years.

Anh Do is a comedian a movie star and a best selling book author.

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