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This weeks video was on how the government wants to make citizenship changes.

This is the video… click here


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Julia Galliard, Keith Urban, Sophie Monk and the founders of AC/DC all came to Australia. They weren’t born in Australia, they decided to come to Australia and they also decided to become Australian citizens. They aren’t refugees because they didn’t escape from where they lived, they decided to come here by choice.

Anyone that was born here automatically became an Australian citizen without doing any tests.

Although the people I mentioned before had to do a test and fill in paperwork to become a citizen of Australia. Once you have registered and passed the test you can officially be an Australia citizen you get to be an “official Aussie” with the same rights and responsibilities as any regular Aussie.

The benefits of becoming a citizen is you get to vote, pay accurate taxes and get to live in Australia permanently.

Every year more than 100 000 people from 200 different nations get given this important piece of paper (kind of like a certificate) that tells you, you are an official Australian citizen they also have to enter this really important ceremony and swear an oath to be loyal to Australia.

What are specific nations that come regulary?

Our government says “It should be an honour that is only given to people that claim to up hold our country‘s laws and values”.  So that’s why the government wants to make a change to the process of becoming an Australian Citizen.

In 1997 John Howard then prime minister made a test, written in English and it is multiple choice including questions on our history, culture and values. Every 18 to 60 year old has to take the test they also have to be permanent resident for At least a year to take the test.

I wonder why John Howard decided to make a test?

The government has decided to make the test harder so Australia will be safer.

The criteria is

  • You have to have lived permanently for 4 years
  • They will have to undergo more tougher criminal background checks
  • Questions will be added to prove that you can speak English fluently
  • Agree with respecting woman
  • Agree with respecting kids rights
  • Limited times you can do the test if you fail

New citizens will prove they can fit into society. So they will have to work, send kids to school, join a club /committee and show how they can be a true Aussie.

Some say there is no point in doing a test because tests can’t show everyone’s values and when it is a tougher test with fluent English it could exclude others that are still learning English.

I understand why they need to change the test because it is important for Australia to be a safe country. Some people could come when they shouldn’t be, or in a gang.  

But this thought has to still have to go through parliament…

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