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Goal: to have it as a recount and a dear diary so I had to use appropriate words and feelings about how an older sister would react to her younger brother.

Dear diary,
My little brother is an absolute dill or should I say jerk.
Today he came at me with his new orange crocodile suit. He actually thought he looked like a crocodile. With his smile wide  and his hands going up and down, he was coming for me. He was within a metre till he would “get me”.  I didn’t want to be a 2 year old and RUN so I collapsed. Turns out he walked straight past me and went for dad. I was the dill or should I say jerk. My brother turned around and laughed . So I said “I will get you next time…”

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  1. May 23rd, 2017 at 10:13 am      Reply indigo2014 Says:

    Hey Ebs!
    I really liked how you did the dear diary thing! It was different and really suited the content. Good job!
    Keep writing,

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