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Desert adaptations reflection


This term was primarily about adaptations. The unit taught us different adaptations and science. This led us to a fantastic project on a specific desert animal. We decided to do the Namaqua chameleon (desert chameleon) we chose this animal in result it has colour change which is an interesting adaptation. This project consisted of an […]

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BTN- Weedy sea dragons


This week I watched a video on Weedy sea dragons and why they are almost extinct and how they are getting them out of extinction. This is the video on Weedy sea dragons click here  KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information Only 15klm form Sydney you will […]

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 Prompt… In the flash of lightning I saw …   Goal: This week I am going to write it as what I hope to see tomorrow at athletics. Story: In the flash of lightning I saw my loud teacher. I better watch this I told myself. He shot the gun and my team was winning […]

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