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BTN- Weedy sea dragons


This week I watched a video on Weedy sea dragons and why they are almost extinct and how they are getting them out of extinction.

This is the video on Weedy sea dragons click here 


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Only 15klm form Sydney you will find a unique dragon and that dragon is known as the sea dragon. The sea dragon is located in the water and they are strange yet very beautiful creatures. They live amongst the seaweed.

Weedy sea dragons are native to Australia and can be found off the south and east coasts. They have an adaption to swim and camouflage in the coral, they have been around Australia for thousands of years now and they are very close to being extinct.

They are related to seahorses and spend most of their day floating in the ocean where all the coral and seaweed is. They blend in with the kelp around them, making it hard for predators and scuba divers to spot. The problem with these unique and beautiful creatures is that they are becoming extra hard to spot. It is mainly because of their clever camouflaging that is making it hard for them to be spotted.

They are best found on the south coast of Australia and mainly in Sydney. Sydney used to have the Majority of Sea dragons, especially on the north side. If you go scuba diving now you would be very lucky  to find one.    Image result for where are sea dragons commonly found NSW map

Why is their suddenly no more sea dragons on the North side of Sydney?

It is not the end for these creatures because marine biologists have a plan to see how many Weedy sea dragons are left. Their process was to capture and tag the sea dragons, although now they have found another way to keep them out of extinction. Now they are asking marine biologists on the NSW, VIC and TAS coast to take a photo of them with a scientific camera.  From there they will send their photos in and they will examine them very carefully on a specific software.

The software program allows the researches to look at unique fingerprints on the side of the sea dragon.    The researchers then figure the different identifications of the facials and give them a name, here are some names they have used Greg, Alicia and David. They are kind of the species name, they give a different name to every new sea dragon they find. They then can follow the sea dragon over years to see progress and success of the Weedy sea dragon.

I wonder if this software works on any other animals and if so what animals have they tried it on?

Weedy sea dragons are classified as near threatened, which is why researchers are trying to find the best way to make them endangered and eventually safe and non-endangered. Climate change is one of the biggest issues because rising of sea temperature is killing kelp which leaves them homeless.

Researches are having a positive result to this problem.  Researchers have stated “once they are gone they are gone, so we are doing everything we can now so they are not gone forever, since they have been alive for many thousands of years.”

I understand how important it is to have a positive attitude to dying animals. It is important because if you have no sympathy or no initiative you won’t do anything about it and you will let the animal die out and regret it because you cannot change the past.   

Divers are going to take more photos so they can figure out an efficient way to keep sea dragons alive…

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