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Prompt: then suddenly it went dark Story: When the day was cold. The leaves were blowing slowly. The wind was loud. The power lines made a wicked scary sound then suddenly it went dark. It was black you couldn’t see anything. When your eyes were closed you could not see anything if your eyes were open […]

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This is the survey link form survey monkey (COASTAL AMBASSADORS)


https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mppscoastal2 CLICK https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mppscoastal2 COPY

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Goal: I decided to do a dear diary Prompt: … as it came rushing towards us we… Story: If you want to see the 100WC it is on this PDF 100WC dear diary-t67pr2

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Prompt:   Story: “Hey buddy, How are ya going, you know how has life been” said one special, grey unique seal. “Great pal, I have been just sitting on this rock all lonely.” Said the white, cute and very talented seal. Hey buddy, someone told me a joke it wasn’t very funny although their reaction […]

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100WC Watered Cushion Violin Annoying Acarlet


Goal: To use a couple of the 5 senses and make a heart full piece of writing. Prompt: watered cushion violin annoying scarlet Story: I was walking in the city and I heard the nicest sound ever created. Almost like I just watered the plants and the water drops were coming off the leaves slowly, that was […]

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100WC but than the flash made me


Prompt: But then the flash made me… Goal: to make it an Autobiography Story: Hi my name is Mackenzie. I have been blind ever since I was born and now I am 12-years-old. Last year I was able to see for the first time Let me talk to you about that moment. I was in […]

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