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100WC Watered Cushion Violin Annoying Acarlet


Goal: To use a couple of the 5 senses and make a heart full piece of writing.

Prompt: watered cushion violin annoying scarlet


I was walking in the city and I heard the nicest sound ever created. Almost like I just watered the plants and the water drops were coming off the leaves slowly, that was how nice it sounded.

I was determined to see what this sound was.

In front of me I could see the prettiest girl sitting on a cushion playing the violin flawlessly. The violin was Scarlet red, the most beautiful violin I had ever seen.  It was being played so perfectly, it was nowhere near how some people played it, annoying and ear-piercing.

Every note was just magical…

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“100WC Watered Cushion Violin Annoying Acarlet”

  1. August 15th, 2017 at 11:24 am      Reply libby2016 Says:

    Well done Ebony. I love the way you have varied your adjectives in the detailed description.

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