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This week we watched a video on coding at Aberfoyle primary school.

Click here to see the  coding BTN video Click here


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Aberfoyle park high school has a coding program that happens twice a week at lunch time. It is a way for kids to interact have fun and maybe score a job in the future. The games that different kids have made require some serious strategic thinking.

The way the lunchtimes work is their teacher comes in and does a coding workshop. Which helps them learn more about coding and they can improve.

The coding school has been running for 3 years

How many people are in the coding club?

This is how students describe coding “coding is using different letters or blocks depending what type of code you’re using to make something happen on a digital object.”

The students seem to like it a lot and have a lot of fun which is inspiring and encouraging for young people since coding is said to be big in the future.

I wonder how it is going to change our future and if it will become part of the state school curriculum

The students like that they are being individuals, taking risks and taking on challenges.

They code on tablets and IPads using a coding language called Python, they use Pthon on an app named Pythonista.

Pythonista is known to be an easy coding app which encourages students to code, they build their own games and sometimes design games in teams.

I understand there are different coding programs because I use scratch and they use pythonista so there are many ways you can learn to code.

The process to publishing a game is

  1. planning
  2. start working on pythonista
  3. give their finished game to the teacher for approval
  4. the teacher then sends the game to the app store for anyone in the world to play

 They have seven games in the the app store.

Aberfoyle Park high school is now the first school in the country to be a developer under its own name.

A lot of kids are looking forward to do this their whole life and get an ideal job in the future.

They might just be the inventors of the newest and best app one day.



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