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Goal: My goal this time was to have a couple ideas and choose the best one, and about a graveyard and storytelling seemed to work the best. Prompt:…but where would we hide it all?… Story: We were at a graveyard My 2 cousins, my 2 friends and I were in the tent telling myths about the […]

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Goal: This week my goal was to scatter the words out not just have them all in the one paragraph Prompt: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow Story: Tomorrow it is my mums best friends daughters cousins brothers birthday He’s name is Henry. I met him very young and I haven’t seen him since. I am wanting to […]

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Goal: My goal was to clearly to describe 2 kids about 10 and 11 year old arguing. Prompt: Then the door slammed… I knew Story “Give me back my chocolate-bar” I screamed to my brother, I just thought how sneaky he is, almost as sneaky as a burglar stealing crown jewels.  Then he replied “I […]

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100wc news report


Prompt:                         Goal: To do a Information report on crime Story: Click here

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100wc describe something…


Goal:  My goal was to right a rhyming poetry since right now in class we are learning poetry Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without saying it… Poem:  It took 5 years to earn but I had to first learn jete`s pointing toes and how to turn I worked hard for it with my passion I do […]

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Light and Electricity Experiment


This week we watched one about A world changing experiment I strongly recommend watching the video than reading the reflection, it would make much more sense The link to the video is here…   Click here KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information At Charterhouse there is a famous […]

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100WC bigfoot


Goal:  My goal to achieve was to make my story seem like this “creature” was really big and you could       visualize the creature in your head quite clearly. Prompt Short story “Mum I left my shoe back a couple of streets, I need to go get it.” Explained Mia “Very well I’ll […]

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Prompt: then suddenly it went dark Story: When the day was cold. The leaves were blowing slowly. The wind was loud. The power lines made a wicked scary sound then suddenly it went dark. It was black you couldn’t see anything. When your eyes were closed you could not see anything if your eyes were open […]

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This is the survey link form survey monkey (COASTAL AMBASSADORS)


https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mppscoastal2 CLICK https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/mppscoastal2 COPY

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Goal: I decided to do a dear diary Prompt: … as it came rushing towards us we… Story: If you want to see the 100WC it is on this PDF 100WC dear diary-t67pr2

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