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100WC Watered Cushion Violin Annoying Acarlet


Goal: To use a couple of the 5 senses and make a heart full piece of writing. Prompt: watered cushion violin annoying scarlet Story: I was walking in the city and I heard the nicest sound ever created. Almost like I just watered the plants and the water drops were coming off the leaves slowly, that was […]

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100WC but than the flash made me


Prompt: But then the flash made me… Goal: to make it an Autobiography Story: Hi my name is Mackenzie. I have been blind ever since I was born and now I am 12-years-old. Last year I was able to see for the first time Let me talk to you about that moment. I was in […]

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Prompt:  …when all of a sudden…  Goal: Was to make the story finish with lots of questions left in your head. Story: “Oh isn’t bed the nicest thing in the world, all soft and relaxing” Ben said to himself. He let his head fall onto the pillow and his thoughts of a wonderful day swished […]

100WC Merry go round


Goal: My goal was to write a story with a little kid’s imagination on why the horses ran away. Prompt:    “Mum the merry-go-round it is so pretty with so many horses, can I please go on it” said Kaye. “Oh it is beautiful let’s have a closer look” said mum. Kaye skipped over like […]

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Desert adaptations reflection


This term was primarily about adaptations. The unit taught us different adaptations and science. This led us to a fantastic project on a specific desert animal. We decided to do the Namaqua chameleon (desert chameleon) we chose this animal in result it has colour change which is an interesting adaptation. This project consisted of an […]

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BTN- Weedy sea dragons


This week I watched a video on Weedy sea dragons and why they are almost extinct and how they are getting them out of extinction. This is the video on Weedy sea dragons click here  KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information Only 15klm form Sydney you will […]

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 Prompt… In the flash of lightning I saw …   Goal: This week I am going to write it as what I hope to see tomorrow at athletics. Story: In the flash of lightning I saw my loud teacher. I better watch this I told myself. He shot the gun and my team was winning […]

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BTN- Tasmanian devils


This weeks video was on Tasmanian Devils and a cure so they aren’t extinct. To see the Tasmanian devil video Click here KEY: Blue = Facts Red = Understandings Green =  Questions Black  = More Information   There is a disease going around and it is affecting most Tasmanian devils. Zoos and scientists have been working […]

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Prompt:   Goal: My goal this time was to write it as a teacher observing work. Story/observation: This is what my judge (teacher) says about my awesome Paper Mache. I will try to sum it up in around 75 words. Okay, “I love the Paper Mache it is very creative and effective. It is slightly […]

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Excel Graphing


I chose the pie graph because the data had diiffernt decimals and percentages. I knew that a pie chart is 100% and my data could add up to 100%. My data  % of worlds wealth held in 2005 Richest 10% 58.2 2nd Richest 10% 16.8 3rd Richest 10% 10.5 4th Richest 10% 6.5 5th Richest […]

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