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Goal: My goal this time was to have a couple ideas and choose the best one, and about a graveyard and storytelling seemed to work the best.

Prompt:…but where would we hide it all?…


We were at a graveyard

My 2 cousins, my 2 friends and I were in the tent telling myths about the graveyard. Then it go to my cousin’s turn and he was evil…

He whispered “every night the owner of the graveyard comes out and checks every tent, cabin and coffin and if there is any mess in your tent or cabin you get carried out in your own…”


“But where would we hide it all” I responded scared, we then quickly shoved everything into one another’s pillow case and fell asleep…

“Tricked YOU all” my older cousin sniggered

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This week my goal was to scatter the words out not just have them all in the one paragraph


flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow


Tomorrow it is my mums best friends daughters cousins brothers birthday He’s name is Henry. I met him very young and I haven’t seen him since. I am wanting to wear a white dress that my older sister kindly picked out for me. After the birthday ,  I have swimming.

The next day we headed to the PARTY.

The party was so much fun. We ate cake, danced and singed and sung him happy birthday.
We celebrated by giving presents. My present was the flame gunz#2 it’s a new game that boys are into.


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My goal was to clearly to describe 2 kids about 10 and 11 year old arguing.


Then the door slammed… I knew


“Give me back my chocolate-bar” I screamed to my brother, I just thought how sneaky he is, almost as sneaky as a burglar stealing crown jewels.  Then he replied “I didn’t steal your chocolate.” Then the door slammed… I knew he locked himself in their so I wouldn’t find out the truth that he didn’t want to confess. “I know you are lying to my face.” I shouted. “You are a brat” my brother said really loudly. “Wow” I sarcastically argued back. Then I picked the lock, grabbed the chocolate and stormed out saying “have a nice day bro.”


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100wc news report







Goal: To do a Information report on crime

Story: Click here

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100wc describe something…


Goal:  My goal was to right a rhyming poetry since right now in class we are learning poetry

Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without saying it…


It took 5 years to earn but I had to first learn jete`s pointing toes and how to turn

I worked hard for it with my passion I do with my heart and never think about fashion.

It’s not something I look at every day but I know it’s there and not in the way

It belongs in my room, it shall stay there well at least I assume

Its purple and gold and I’ll have it till I am old

I may collect more, it is a new opportunity and an opening door.

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100WC bigfoot



My goal to achieve was to make my story seem like this “creature” was really big and you could       visualize the creature in your head quite clearly.


Short story

“Mum I left my shoe back a couple of streets, I need to go get it.” Explained Mia

“Very well I’ll wait here.” Assured her mum

Mia went back to get a back to get her shoe. She went down the street and crossed the road.

She stopped for a minute to think about what her shoe was doing near some rather large footprints. The footprints that looked like a yeti or something horrifyingly big. She ran across the road, down the street and saw and heard nothing except for a shadow of a rather large creature.

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Prompt: then suddenly it went dark


When the day was cold. The leaves were blowing slowly. The wind was loud. The power lines made a wicked scary sound then suddenly it went dark. It was black you couldn’t see anything. When your eyes were closed you could not see anything if your eyes were open you couldn’t see anything either way. It felt like your eyes were closed for the whole day. It is the worst feeling and you can’t do anything and then you have a thought about this is how blind people live every day and I am complaining because the power went out.


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“Hey buddy, How are ya going, you know how has life been” said one special, grey unique seal.

“Great pal, I have been just sitting on this rock all lonely.” Said the white, cute and very talented seal.

Hey buddy, someone told me a joke it wasn’t very funny although their reaction was priceless.

“So pal what was the joke” Said buddy in thought.

“I told you pal it is not very good although their reaction was, that is the sealiest thing I have ever heard. Said buddy.

They were both laughing so hard the almost feel off the ice

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100WC Watered Cushion Violin Annoying Acarlet


Goal: To use a couple of the 5 senses and make a heart full piece of writing.

Prompt: watered cushion violin annoying scarlet


I was walking in the city and I heard the nicest sound ever created. Almost like I just watered the plants and the water drops were coming off the leaves slowly, that was how nice it sounded.

I was determined to see what this sound was.

In front of me I could see the prettiest girl sitting on a cushion playing the violin flawlessly. The violin was Scarlet red, the most beautiful violin I had ever seen.  It was being played so perfectly, it was nowhere near how some people played it, annoying and ear-piercing.

Every note was just magical…

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100WC but than the flash made me



But then the flash made me…


to make it an Autobiography


Hi my name is Mackenzie.

I have been blind ever since I was born and now I am 12-years-old. Last year I was able to see for the first time

Let me talk to you about that moment.

I was in the hospital and all I could hear was my mum saying it was nearly done. I heard a flash and then I saw a flash but then the flash made me be able to see everything and everyone for ever. It was an astonishing, remarkable feeling.

That I will never forget.
Because I have the privilege to see everything…

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