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 …when all of a sudden…

Was to make the story finish with lots of questions left in your head.


“Oh isn’t bed the nicest thing in the world, all soft and relaxing” Ben said to himself. He let his head fall onto the pillow and his thoughts of a wonderful day swished past his brain. Ben shut his eyes tight and fell asleep when all of a sudden he heard screaming from the next room where his little sister was.

“H-E-L-P”! Ben heard.

He rushed in and was left to see the window moving. Ben could only think that someone had just jumped out. Also In sight were Bones and blood and his reflection, from all of his tears on the wooden floor…





100WC Merry go round


Goal: My goal was to write a story with a little kid’s imagination on why the horses ran away.



“Mum the merry-go-round it is so pretty with so many horses, can I please go on it” said Kaye. “Oh it is beautiful let’s have a closer look” said mum. Kaye skipped over like she was a horse on the merry-go-round. She stopped suddenly like the merry-go-round disappeared. Although something else disappeared.  The horses on the merry-go-round disappeared. Kaye inferred they just leapt around the trees into the forest and they were now playing hide and seek.

Then suddenly…

They all came out and Kaye was amazed, hopped on one and started to play hide and seek with them…




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 Prompt… In the flash of lightning I saw …


Goal: This week I am going to write it as what I hope to see tomorrow at athletics.


In the flash of lightning I saw my loud teacher. I better watch this I told myself. He shot the gun and my team was winning for the first time in 4 years, it was a remarkable feeling.  I felt like I could fly, or maybe now I felt like I was going to fall, because we are so close to the end, and we are so close to being beaten.  Everyone is with an unsure feeling about who’s going to win. The runners try harder to cross the line first. It is the end and our feet are over first, we WON!

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Goal: to have it as a recount and a dear diary so I had to use appropriate words and feelings about how an older sister would react to her younger brother.

Dear diary,
My little brother is an absolute dill or should I say jerk.
Today he came at me with his new orange crocodile suit. He actually thought he looked like a crocodile. With his smile wide  and his hands going up and down, he was coming for me. He was within a metre till he would “get me”.  I didn’t want to be a 2 year old and RUN so I collapsed. Turns out he walked straight past me and went for dad. I was the dill or should I say jerk. My brother turned around and laughed . So I said “I will get you next time…”

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100WC Dinner table



Goal: To make my 100wc more a list of ideas with more information. I also wanted to make it (same as the slime   (slime 100WC) ) But to have so people can read it and interact with it try it out physically at their house or another place.

Prompt: …I just couldn’t eat something so…

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100WC – slime


My goal: Was to make a procedure text on how to make slime.

Prompt:  the slime dripped through

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100WC- Ant


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100wc/ Poem

I saw this wall in a museum, it was different, unique and plain.

The wall was beige in colour and looked like it was washed by rain.

People were stuck in the wall, it was strange to see a wall like this one.

I wanted to help the people in the wall because they looked like they wanted to run.

This wall couldn’t have been hand made because it was too real and alive. It’s mystery that doesn’t look like fun.

I just walked past with my eyes on the wall, thinking about how those people got there at all.


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Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera


Greg floated off the Ep001 rocket ship.  Greg took a deep breath and kept walking.  He was surrounded by the most beautiful and biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn.  Greg got out his camera and started taking pictures, they were splendid.  Greg was so excited to share his photos with his space pals at home.  Greg noticed a hard looking brown patch near Jupiter through his camera lens.  Greg was slightly worried about what this awkward patch was in the sky.  He was soon comforted when he remembered that it could be a new civilization with people or aliens living their…

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Prompt:   … But how can something so tiny …


“Come quickly over here, I have spotted an animal that changes colour every time I move.” Jessica yelled

“Wow I will come have a look,” Liam said running over fast.

“That’s a chameleon little sis.”

“Oh, but how can something so tiny change colour when I move” she replied suddenly.

“It’s not when you move Jessica, it’s a clever animal, and the chameleon blends in with the background. It does it to protect itself from predators. So well done you spotted one that’s pretty rare.” Liam Explained

“Wow I feel special now,” Jessica whispered just to Liam.

“haaahaaa” Liam Laughed.

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