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100WC – slime


My goal: Was to make a procedure text on how to make slime.

Prompt:  the slime dripped through

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100WC- Ant


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100wc/ Poem

I saw this wall in a museum, it was different, unique and plain.

The wall was beige in colour and looked like it was washed by rain.

People were stuck in the wall, it was strange to see a wall like this one.

I wanted to help the people in the wall because they looked like they wanted to run.

This wall couldn’t have been hand made because it was too real and alive. It’s mystery that doesn’t look like fun.

I just walked past with my eyes on the wall, thinking about how those people got there at all.


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Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera


Greg floated off the Ep001 rocket ship.  Greg took a deep breath and kept walking.  He was surrounded by the most beautiful and biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn.  Greg got out his camera and started taking pictures, they were splendid.  Greg was so excited to share his photos with his space pals at home.  Greg noticed a hard looking brown patch near Jupiter through his camera lens.  Greg was slightly worried about what this awkward patch was in the sky.  He was soon comforted when he remembered that it could be a new civilization with people or aliens living their…

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Prompt:   … But how can something so tiny …


“Come quickly over here, I have spotted an animal that changes colour every time I move.” Jessica yelled

“Wow I will come have a look,” Liam said running over fast.

“That’s a chameleon little sis.”

“Oh, but how can something so tiny change colour when I move” she replied suddenly.

“It’s not when you move Jessica, it’s a clever animal, and the chameleon blends in with the background. It does it to protect itself from predators. So well done you spotted one that’s pretty rare.” Liam Explained

“Wow I feel special now,” Jessica whispered just to Liam.

“haaahaaa” Liam Laughed.

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…so that is why I am always last…


“Hey you!”

“Ah me.”

“Yeah you, I need you to do your green team application.” Mr. Burken groaned.

“Alright” Grace replied.

Grace thought in her head why she was last all the time.

Grace was alone eating her lunch suddenly shadows emerged of the 3 school bullies. Followed by Veronica’s ear piecing voice,
“Let’s talk alone Gracie” Grace didn’t know what got to her although she went along with it.
Veronica told her,  “Mr. Burken is only making you last because you remind him of  his daughter that died 2 years ago.”  “Thanks Veronica I will talk about it with Mr. Burken tonight.” Grace said appreciatively.

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Frillet Trees 100WC#3









Newspaper Article:

The Frillet trees at Mary Fur Park have grown hands.

Tree specialists have come in and they have now figured out why the Frillet trees have hands. The trees grow by a creature living under ground and the creature slowly pushes the tree out of the ground until it is fully grown. Eventually the hand fully deteriorates and the trees remain. All they can do now is let the creature do their thing. They are still investigating which creature it is.  Go to Mary Fur Park and try to find a Frillet tree and hand today! Good Luck, stay safe!

Report written by Connie Norman










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Prompt:  Yellow, However, discover, remarkable, gingerly

Wow, how cool is George Lemaitre. He figured out that the Big Bang theory is all matter in the universe went into a dot and then that dot expanded into all matter becoming our universe. “Wow, how did he discover that. “I wouldn’t have a clue, however he did it honestly is truly remarkable. The Brothers walked out gingerly because they were so amazed. They walked home quickly to tell their parents everything. They got in the house to tell their parents about the day. Their parents were there on their favorite Yellow stool. Immediately they told their parents everything.

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Goal: I wrote it in sneak freaks please isn’t of view and left the prompt last:

I am finally ready to compete for my first time at an Olympic sprinting audition. I have actually made it this far. It was honestly the best feeling ever. I start at exactly 5:30 and I am ready. I have made a schedule so I am their on time. I got in the car so abrupt because bird poop had fallen on my head, I tried to see it as good luck but then we were almost their we got lights and a train I was quite angry because I was running behind schedule. …and I thought “well what a start”


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100WC Cheering crowd



Goal: was to see what a footballer  would think as their losing a grand final.😓

I walked onto the green grass ready to win an ultimate football grand final for 2006 the red football in my hands. A quick warm up and BEEP the game has officially started. The opponent scores the first goal, followed by us. After the scores are 12 to 30 (their way) HT rings. Our coach has to rub it in how bad were doing. After some tips and tactics we are ready to give it another try before I know it we are beating them by exactly 6 points. The crowd cheers as the siren goes. We won the game.

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