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One of the biggest historical events in Australia had just had their 75th anniversary on 19th of February 2017.  It was the bombing of Darwin.

Australia has taken risks, sacrifices and changes to be where it is at now. The cars has changed the clothes have changed the laws the responsibility and safety have all changed and Australia defence which comes under war, war was a big impact in Australia. It changed how we are living in a healthy and wealthy country with friendly people and enough safety to be insured that we could be safe.

Australia was a part of group of countries led by Britain, France, United States, Soviet Union and Australia they were a group called the allies. A question I have is did allies come from the word aliasing with countries. On the other hand there was another group called that contained of Germany Italy and Japan. The target for bombs and guns wasn’t just where the war was happening but other places they would attempt to threat.

Australia had a sense that the war was far away from them and they wouldn’t be in any risk of bombs or death. Until 1941. Authorities started to worry about Darwin a small town that was the top of Australia and closest to the war target. The military got concerned about Darwin being bombed by japan. I wonder what gave them the evidence to even think why Darwin would be bombed.  Once the government and the military got the sense about Darwin being bombed they decided it would be safe to move the women and kids to Perth to be safer. They kept the dad and the men left in Darwin to fight and defend themselves.

Sure enough Australia was right Darwin got bombed on February 19th 1942. Japan aim was to destroy our country’s northern deference. On their way they decided to destroy Timor, then they followed by on destroying Darwin. They bombed military bases, the town and harbor they sinking several ships including the US destroyer. They weren’t done though they came back for a second attack soon after. I wonder when they came back again

The 2 attacks were extremely and killed at least 235 people although 400 more were critically injured. It has killed the most people in Australia at a time. This unfortunate record has been held for seventy five years.  There were 90 attacks in the northern territory in that time.

Darwin will never forget the unfortunate, important, upsetting event. So to pay their respect a school did a painting. I understand they did it to let Darwin know they haven’t forgotten. I would love to do a painting to show my respect. I have done one in a Australia.   

Space events and history


On April 12, 1961 the first person went to space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut flying in the Vostok 1.  You can’t breathe and there is no gravity in space but that didn’t leave America or Russia too scared to try conquer it. But the costs for a human space flight is enormous. So we now use unmanned robots and advance satellites. There is also the mars mission to star civilization. But there is so much more to explore.

Click here to find a time line of the space events in history

What will the next space craft be and where will it go?

How long did each journey take going to the moon or living in space?

I now understand that there has been a lot of exciting space journeys and hope and see more or discover history or something new about space or go further and see how much more there is. Because astronauts have definitely not see everything. Now in 2016 we will wait to see how the mars mission is going.

Earth to mars


Space – earth to mars

Space X stated goal is to get from earth to mars and have a civilisation on mars with 8,000 people living there. On the 27th of September 2016 Elon musk gave a talk about how they are going to make a civilisation on mars. The MCT or mars colonial transporter space ship that they want to take can hold up to 100 people or 100 tons of cargo. The Big falcon rocket is the rocket of the ship with maximum reusability. The jobs people would do is astronomy planetary science life science and engineering. Then you would have Geologists, astronomers, cytologist’s philosopher to find food and fruit to live. Then you have got administrators maintenance and chefs but they need transportation shelter and money and food to eat. But we can do that on mars because it is the only self-efficient planet apart from earth with water fuel and air.

How are the going to walk or build with out much atmosphere and gravity? Also how would they be able start cities or countries because mars is almost just dirt?

I understand they have a stabled rocket and enough life on mars but still a civilisation on mars.  (Crazy)


Space rock- BTN


On the same day a meteorite explosion over Russia and an asteroid close to earth happened on the same day but they weren’t related. In 1908 scientists believe that a meteorite exploded in Russia, Nothing hit the ground but the force knocked down 100,0000 KM of trees. A comet is made from chunks of ice and dust which come from the cold part of the solar system. Asteroids are mostly made out of rock or metal. Meteors are smaller asteroids.

Where do comets and asteroids end up when the go into earth?

What happens if a meteors, comets, asteroids, metal or rock collided with the sun or the other 8 planets?

I understand what makes shooting stars when a meteorite enters the earth and dies out quickly.


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Defence force BTN


some students are going on a 4 day work experience to see what it is like to be in the military. The first day was all about some main drills like camouflaging there weapon trucks and shooting to by technology, The next day was about taking up to the sky’s in an massive military aircraft which was big with lots of room it was very interesting and some got to see it take off and land, days 3+4 was on the navy ship (HMAS Adelaide) They got to board the ship and even stay the night.  I it is made to convince young Aussies to defeat their country although start at a young age.

I understand that they set this up to inspire young Aussies. I understand that they will continue to do this because it is such a great experience and I think they should do it.

I wonder if they will continue to do it from hear on?

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BTN- $5 note



In Australia our bank notes are recognizable for their colors and famous people. Although the reserve bank of Australia think we need to give or notes a makeover starting with the $5 note. It is being changed by 1st of September. It is getting a window right through it and when you tilt a bird and a 5 star tower.

I understand why they upgraded this to make it easier better and has more features so it is not fake money.  I also understand why they put a tactile feature so blind people can have a say and use money how we use it.

When will they start upgrading the next note?

Image result for 5 dollar note                                Image result for 5 dollar note

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BTN Olympic success



An Olympic medal in Australia is worth about 7million $. From the four years leading up to the  Rio Olympics Australia already bought up to 340 million $ for our athletes. As they were trying to get better it was disappointing and came down to 10th ranked on the medal tally so they tried a new way but didn’t work.

I understand why some people think that we are spending too much money because we are only a small country I understand why some people think that we are as others are saying that we are spending too much money on athletes and using sponsorships and donations and we can spend the money on people that really need it.

I wonder what they will choose to do with the money?

BTN -youngest olympian


BTN youngest Olympian


Gaurika is the youngest Olympian RIO 2016, she is representing Nepal in south Asia where she was born.  More than 10 years ago she moved to Great Britain with her family then was accepted to be a swimmer at the Olympics representing Nepal.

I understand why she is a bit famous and got pressure because she is the youngest Olympian ever compete in an Olympics and be as school student. I also understand why they accepted after they moved because they just realised they missed out on an opportunity to have another Olympian for their country.

Will she get to go to Tokyo in 2020 for the next Olympics?

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BTN-Earthquakes Chile and Haiti



Chile and Haiti are 2 countries that suffer from earthquakes, in Haiti 250,000 people were killed and many more were injured and a month later an earthquake was hit in Chile it only killed 500 people the moment he Chile earthquake hit for 1 minute but had enough energy to make a lot of damage to even change the world rotation slightly. Earthquake are also measured on the Richter scale.

I understand that it all comes down to money because some countries are wealthier then others and if that advantage of the countries having money they can use it on things they need and earthquakes or natural disasters but I think most people should use it on natural disasters because they are rare but a big impact which can cause the worst thing in life death… Although more countries may use their money on it more because they get more earthquakes. I also understand why people would go out of their way to help clean up because it is a hard thing to go through

Why did they compare Chile and Haiti not Haiti and Thailand?

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New Zealand had another earthquake on the 01 of March 2011 more than 100 people died and many others were injured. New Zealand is getting so many earthquakes that’s because New Zealand is on the edge of a tectonic plate, New Zealand and the pacific plate. This earthquake became 6.3 on the Richter scale struck.

I understand why there other earthquake got to 7.1 on the Richter scale but this one more recently got to   6.3 had more damage that is because the tectonic plates rubbed closer to the city and it was the lunch hour. I also understand that it is a scary experience because you can’t really prepare.

Why do tectonic plate move only cm a year when they live on hot liquid mantle?

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