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In this unit we learnt about civics and citizenship we first about citizenship what makes a good citizen we learnt to be a loyal citizen. Then there’s civics which is more the parliament area were you make laws you elect use prime minister and other things.


Citizenship is about how loyal  you are to the country and your community and civics is all about making a bill a law. using democracy in Australia electing Prime minister. The word democracy came from 2 Greek words demos and kratos demos means people and kratos power which means people have the the power so it is called democracy. To make a law  from a bill it goes through house of representatives then the senate  you have to follow the eight values Doing your best, Care and Compassion, Freedom, Responsibility,Fair go, Understanding, Honesty and Trustworthiness and Integrity.


I understand that in Australia we use democracy to help govern Australia democracy is  we have a prime minister to help govern Australia everyone over the age of 18 votes and the party with the most votes win. Also you vote for your party not the person.when there is and election the parties organised a leader and if your party wins the leader of that party becomes prime minister and the party who won the election forms government.

Is there other ways of deciding which party forms government than an election.

Some questions i should answer

The most important thing I have learnt is about law making it was intriguing to know more and more. what the clerk does make a bill to an act who sits in there it was SO  interesting what made it even more fun is that we got to make our own bill into a law (we did it in groups of 4 to 5 my group was Oliver,Indigo,Declan and Chiara+myself) our bill that we wanted to make women get payed the same amount in every job as men so the EQUAL PAY BILL. was a bill  for an  act to make sure every job was and equal pay for male and female.(for more information about the equal pay bill CLICK HERE

It was also REALLY fun how my group presented there presentation because we made our classroom Parliament and it had to get passed from the house of representatives to the senate.

I am not going to forget this information but use it when I need to like when i am at Canberra or to research more about the topic. when more elections are coming up or learn more from it.




My story starts at the age of 10 when I decided to make a change about MEDICAL HEALTH some countries and humans have it all under control and others don’t.

Although I realized I had already made a slight change, by the age of   8 I did my first RUN4KIDS  5  KM walk and raised money for the kids in hospital, I did other walks like the mothers day classic, relay for life. I have enjoyed by helping the people in need progress to get healthier and stay alive. Also every Easter holidays  there is the good Friday appeal  I donate money, I donate money every year to the appeal.

when I was about 40 I started a job  called MEDICAL MANNERS  where people would come to medical manners (MY HOUSE) and learn how to save people when there in danger.

 It is around the corner from my  local hospital so my students can practice for a real life situation  I hope it goes on for centuries I started it late so  one day i was at medical manners and we had a lunch break and i asked one of my students if you want to take my place next week


I tried to give everyone a fair go whoever they were for there health

The teleporter machine


Bever mever retriver

the ball hits the lever

swsish swang samp

down the ramp

moo mang montainer

down in the container

ting tang tist

pull up and twist

ling lang lube

into the tube

citch catch cedge

roll to the  wedge

Why ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians


our class has been working on perswaysive writing and we chose whats ais the most important day as you can see i did this as you can see.  

By Ebony

I think ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians to celebrate and I’m going to tell you why. I think it’s sad to celebrate but you still need to remember the day and the soldiers.

Firstly, I know how they helped us because I’ve heard people telling me true stories about ANZAC day they helped us by killing enemies and fighting.

Secondly, they fought for you, so you need to celebrate because you probably wouldn’t be alive today because of the enemies they fought.  I’ve heard people say “they fought hard in the war”.

Thirdly, it can be fun and you can see relatives, to do all of that you should go to the ANZAC day parade it’s got some real soldiers and I know all of this because I have been to the ANZAC parade.

Finally, they cared for you because they wanted you to still be alive. So they fought for you so how about you celebrate and be nice to them because I’ve read in a book how hard they fought. Don’t you think they deserve us to be nice to them too?

So now do you agree with me that ANZAC day is the best Australian celebration. You can go to the ANZAC day parade, they also cared about you, they fought for you and they helped you, so celebrate ANZAC day!

sea shores


we have been working on a progect on a biome (a biome is a land were living things live) then we chose our biome and did a progect on it and this is it. 

Sea shores are a fun rocky place that are located where the ocean meets the land .Look  in a rock pool  you’ll find shells and lots of interesting  things that are  miniature and part of the  biome. In this information report you will find out about the shores around southern Victoria

Climate–   In the shore it can be cold and hot depending on the weather around it .Victoria’s shores are usually cool

Plants–  There  are many different types of plants  in the shore some are  dangerous most live near the rock pools. There’s seaweed, seaweed is a plant in the sea

Animals–   Most animals live in the rock pool there are blue ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena) .  It is a dangerous octopus that lives in a rock pool, and snails are always surrounded by water.

Non- living thing– A rock is non-living   it has no feelings it surrounds near the water.

Interconnections– Crabs   need seaweed to eat . They also need shelter or a habitat in case of predators









Rocky shores –Alison Balance

Guide to sea shores –Gould League

www.latin word translation .com

Google images- Map of the world

How to clean a planet


How to clean planet

 Our class has been working on machines  we watched a movie called Wall-e for more experience then did a recount on the movie

This is a picture of wall-e


You should read this it will tell you how to clean your planet with no pollution



The first thing you need to know is how to clean your planet you always start with a dirty place. The dirtier more work more help. Also helps it more


Then you need a place to start were your standing or near would be fine. Grab and pull your big  flap down get some junk and put it in the flap then wait a minute and it will come out as a cube put it in a pile you can start one.

If it does not come out open the flap and check if there is anything stuck open the flap and take it out keep doing it to there is hardly anything left.


Hello world!


Hi my name is Ebony, and I go to mpps (thats my school). My favourite holiday was in Bali it was hot and awesome. I loved getting my hair braided and going to waterbom is a waterparck in 2014.

My hobbies are dancing and playing on the monkey bars . Iv’e got a sister thats a twin iv’e also got 2 dogs that are also twins but they are boys.

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