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Space events and history


On April 12, 1961 the first person went to space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut flying in the Vostok 1.  You can’t breathe and there is no gravity in space but that didn’t leave America or Russia too scared to try conquer it. But the costs for a human space flight is enormous. So we now use unmanned robots and advance satellites. There is also the mars mission to star civilization. But there is so much more to explore.

Click here to find a time line of the space events in history

What will the next space craft be and where will it go?

How long did each journey take going to the moon or living in space?

I now understand that there has been a lot of exciting space journeys and hope and see more or discover history or something new about space or go further and see how much more there is. Because astronauts have definitely not see everything. Now in 2016 we will wait to see how the mars mission is going.

How to sleep in space


How to sleep in space

In the international space you keep busy doing all sorts of things so you got to sleep.

The sleep stations are very small with a sleeping bag strapped to the wall. You don’t need pillows or a mattress because you can just relax because with no gravity you don’t need anything to hold you up. The sleep stations are located at node 2 and service module a total of 6 in each in the space international station.

Why is there a computer in the space sleep room?

Can you sleep while the space craft is in motion?

I understand that it’s comfortable and like a bed because it looks like it is an upright angle but the angle it’s on it’s a normal bed without a pillow or mattress.

The solar system – our home in space


The solar system – our home in space

The sun is orbited by 8 planets, Trillions of asteroids and comets also a few dwarf planets, the sun makes 620 million tonnes of heat a second. The 8 major planets are in 2 different groups (4 in each) separated by the sun. One of the groups are Terrestrial and the other is giant gases. Terrestrial has Mercury Venus Earth and mars and on the gas giants it has Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune. Mars has a mountain on it Olympus monks which is 26Km tall and Mount Everest is only 8Km.

How did the sun appear?

Can people live with no sun?

I understand that our star the sun is in the center of the solar system.


Literacy circle – Word Watcher Reflection


A job of a word watcher is to understand more vocabulary. You have to find 5 interesting, surprising or challenging words. They must stand out to you as your reading. Make sure the be unfamiliar or relate to the story, used in a unusual way, person place or country it has to be Interesting describing words, Word that are hard to pronounce lastly be careful you don’t find a gibberish word.  To present make sure you read the sentence you have written using the vocabulary word and write down the group’s prediction as to the meaning of the word. Make sure to have 5 words but research the one that was the most interesting surprising or challenging.  But share all.





  1. As you are reading. Search for five vocabulary words. Select the 5 words you are presenting to your group.
  2. Copy the sentence down EXACTLY as it appears on the text.
  3. Look up the word AND include the part of speech i.e. noun verb adjective.
  4. Write your sentence down correctly using the word.


























The ancient study of astronomy


Doing stars  and space of astronomy in term 4 2016 we watched a video on how different tribes discovered star and what they did with their information.

First fact I learnt was people from Babylon called Babylonians was interested in astronomy they created mathematical observation using their space observations. Another tribe called Maya which is an Indian tribe.  Looked into space and wrote lots of texts about their observations. They don’t exist anymore because they got burnt when they were writing them by the Spanish. We do know that they created a smart number system called the Mayan long count calendar it had the base 20 not 10 like we use today. Another tribe the ancient Greeks. Talami was a famous astronomer. Born in Egypt. He got most of his information form Hipparchus. Hipparchus is known for the father of trigonometry. He also invented precession of the equinoxes (a term of the wobbling of the earth around its axis) this machine helped explain in 12,000 years the north star Polaris won’t be there and become baker.

A question I still have is how Timali got the information off Hipparchus? Who was more successful Babylonians or Maya? I understand modern astronomy is so important and   a great deal to ancient people. The ancient people that are form our astronomy and civilisation. Were as fascinated as stars as we are today they also discovered more.



Goal: Was to use a poem at the end to give more definition, also add a picture.


One day I was walking in the park and I spotted a pond. There was a stick figured flamingo, it was very odd although there was and great big extraordinary tree what looked like it was underneath the pond. As you looked in to the pond to see your reflection of yourself. You would notice something different each time about yourself for example I had once poked my finger down a black whole. A lot of things happen around this tree.


There are myths, songs and lies

That this tree can make someone cry.

This tree is different from others.

BTN Olympic success



An Olympic medal in Australia is worth about 7million $. From the four years leading up to the  Rio Olympics Australia already bought up to 340 million $ for our athletes. As they were trying to get better it was disappointing and came down to 10th ranked on the medal tally so they tried a new way but didn’t work.

I understand why some people think that we are spending too much money because we are only a small country I understand why some people think that we are as others are saying that we are spending too much money on athletes and using sponsorships and donations and we can spend the money on people that really need it.

I wonder what they will choose to do with the money?

fraction chef


we did a power point presentation and here it is


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