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fraction chef


we did a power point presentation and here it is


The teleporter machine


Bever mever retriver

the ball hits the lever

swsish swang samp

down the ramp

moo mang montainer

down in the container

ting tang tist

pull up and twist

ling lang lube

into the tube

citch catch cedge

roll to the  wedge

Ebony’s Post on Friday, 12 September 2014


Easy Blog Photo
This is my car I raced against the whole 3/4s. It was very hard and I had a great time.

sea shores


we have been working on a progect on a biome (a biome is a land were living things live) then we chose our biome and did a progect on it and this is it. 

Sea shores are a fun rocky place that are located where the ocean meets the land .Look  in a rock pool  you’ll find shells and lots of interesting  things that are  miniature and part of the  biome. In this information report you will find out about the shores around southern Victoria

Climate–   In the shore it can be cold and hot depending on the weather around it .Victoria’s shores are usually cool

Plants–  There  are many different types of plants  in the shore some are  dangerous most live near the rock pools. There’s seaweed, seaweed is a plant in the sea

Animals–   Most animals live in the rock pool there are blue ringed octopus (Hapalochlaena) .  It is a dangerous octopus that lives in a rock pool, and snails are always surrounded by water.

Non- living thing– A rock is non-living   it has no feelings it surrounds near the water.

Interconnections– Crabs   need seaweed to eat . They also need shelter or a habitat in case of predators









Rocky shores –Alison Balance

Guide to sea shores –Gould League

www.latin word translation .com

Google images- Map of the world

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