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Space events and history


On April 12, 1961 the first person went to space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut flying in the Vostok 1.  You can’t breathe and there is no gravity in space but that didn’t leave America or Russia too scared to try conquer it. But the costs for a human space flight is enormous. So we now use unmanned robots and advance satellites. There is also the mars mission to star civilization. But there is so much more to explore.

Click here to find a time line of the space events in history

What will the next space craft be and where will it go?

How long did each journey take going to the moon or living in space?

I now understand that there has been a lot of exciting space journeys and hope and see more or discover history or something new about space or go further and see how much more there is. Because astronauts have definitely not see everything. Now in 2016 we will wait to see how the mars mission is going.

Literacy circle – Word Watcher Reflection


A job of a word watcher is to understand more vocabulary. You have to find 5 interesting, surprising or challenging words. They must stand out to you as your reading. Make sure the be unfamiliar or relate to the story, used in a unusual way, person place or country it has to be Interesting describing words, Word that are hard to pronounce lastly be careful you don’t find a gibberish word.  To present make sure you read the sentence you have written using the vocabulary word and write down the group’s prediction as to the meaning of the word. Make sure to have 5 words but research the one that was the most interesting surprising or challenging.  But share all.





  1. As you are reading. Search for five vocabulary words. Select the 5 words you are presenting to your group.
  2. Copy the sentence down EXACTLY as it appears on the text.
  3. Look up the word AND include the part of speech i.e. noun verb adjective.
  4. Write your sentence down correctly using the word.


























miss cheek and her revenge


Lucy could not walk any further.  But her cat Grouch kept tip toeing further away.

Grouch was sweating and trying to bolt, Lucy new her cat was trying to say something but…WHAT!

There was one more droopy step till their eyes brightened.


Lucy’s dad said “Where have you been?”


“Any way I have got some news for you”

“What?” Lucy said, puzzled as she was helping herself to some dinner

“Well Miss Cheek is moving into our street

“What.” Lucy shouted

Lucy now knew that Grouch was trying to warn her that Miss Cheek was moving in.

“I am going to my room.” Lucy stormed off and slammed the door behind her.

Lucy and her family had had a bad experience about Miss Cheek because she tried to harm them but had not got them yet. Whenever they move house she keeps following them.

Next morning Lucy said “ Dad, I have always wanted a mum Why don’t I? why is she not here?.”

“Why don’t you take the cat for a walk?” He said, because he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Fine!” Lucy said, annoyed with her dad. “But what if Miss Cheek steals him?”

“As if,” said dad

“Even if you do see her you will know her because she has pointy nails.”

“FINE!” Lucy said, as she   stalked off. “Come on Grouch.” Lucy clipped the collars lightly and they went out the door.

Lucy said, “Let’s go to the park today.”


When they arrived Lucy rushed off to the slide. In less than 30 seconds somebody in disuse with pointy nails slipped down and grabbed Grouch

“I am finished Grouch,” Lucy said.” Where is Grouch?” she wandered home .


“DAD DAD DAD     GROUCH IS GONE!” Lucy said.

“Calm down calm down. He probably just walked away,” said dad

“As if,”  said Lucy. They sprinted back to the park

Lucy was red as a tomato .


“Calm down calm down!” said dad.

‘We will put up posters.”

So they put up over 300  posters. When Miss Cheeksaw it she Just chuckled



3 days later…

When she went back to the park Lucy found Grouch’s collar,

“A CLUE!” Lucy screamed. She had never found a clue before. YAY! Lucy’s dad said, “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy I can see footprints. Where does it lead to?” So they followed the footprints. It lead to a shaded place outside Miss Cheek’s house.

“Let’s go home” Lucy’s dad said

“I’m going to get the collar from the park” Lucy started.

“I will come with you to the park.”

They saw Miss Cheek, “Oh No this is bad!” Lucy cried, but her Dad reassured her.

“Did you take my cat?” Lucy asked.

“No” She replied. Lucy whispered to her Dad. Lucy saw her chance.

She raced back to Miss Cheek’s house.

There she found Grouch locked up with a chainsaw near him. It said marked for Miss Cheek.  But they didn’t care; they cut the cage with the chainsaw and went home with Grouch.

“Lucy there is something I need to tell you, Miss Cheek is your Mum!” her Dad said.

“I’m sorry I haven’t talked about it. Otherwise our house would be flooded with tears. We had a divorcement. Will you forgive me? She agreed that she wouldn’t harm you.”

“YAY!” Lucy said.


storm at camp


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Why ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians


our class has been working on perswaysive writing and we chose whats ais the most important day as you can see i did this as you can see.  

By Ebony

I think ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians to celebrate and I’m going to tell you why. I think it’s sad to celebrate but you still need to remember the day and the soldiers.

Firstly, I know how they helped us because I’ve heard people telling me true stories about ANZAC day they helped us by killing enemies and fighting.

Secondly, they fought for you, so you need to celebrate because you probably wouldn’t be alive today because of the enemies they fought.  I’ve heard people say “they fought hard in the war”.

Thirdly, it can be fun and you can see relatives, to do all of that you should go to the ANZAC day parade it’s got some real soldiers and I know all of this because I have been to the ANZAC parade.

Finally, they cared for you because they wanted you to still be alive. So they fought for you so how about you celebrate and be nice to them because I’ve read in a book how hard they fought. Don’t you think they deserve us to be nice to them too?

So now do you agree with me that ANZAC day is the best Australian celebration. You can go to the ANZAC day parade, they also cared about you, they fought for you and they helped you, so celebrate ANZAC day!

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