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How to sleep in space


How to sleep in space

In the international space you keep busy doing all sorts of things so you got to sleep.

The sleep stations are very small with a sleeping bag strapped to the wall. You don’t need pillows or a mattress because you can just relax because with no gravity you don’t need anything to hold you up. The sleep stations are located at node 2 and service module a total of 6 in each in the space international station.

Why is there a computer in the space sleep room?

Can you sleep while the space craft is in motion?

I understand that it’s comfortable and like a bed because it looks like it is an upright angle but the angle it’s on it’s a normal bed without a pillow or mattress.

cosmic discovery-goals


Science Understanding

Science as a human endeavour

Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to inform personal and community decisions and to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives

I want to learn how scientists make accurate future predictions about the planets

Earth and space sciences

Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the Sun)

I also want to learn about all the different moons and how they are important in our solar system.

Science Inquiry Skills

Recording and processing

Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to record, represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data

I want to learn how to make a scientific table to organise evidence into correct facts and data.

Analysing & Evaluating                                                                                                   

Suggest improvements to the methods used to investigate a question or solve a problem


Communicate ideas and processes using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena and to identify simple cause-and-effect relationships.












Scientific goals


School captain application


School captain

Dear Grade 5s

My name is Ebony Manion and I have been at this school since prep.  I have a twin sister named Jacinta.  My parents have been helping and a part of the school since prep.  They have been involved with School Council and the Parents Association.

Some leadership roles I have done in the past is SRC representative, a leader of a School newspaper called the ROCC , in year 3 I participated in collecting mobile phones for the Melbourne Zoo to help save the Gorilla’s habitat and green team.

All of these programs have helped me to be a better leader, be more organised and to balance schedules well.  I was in chess club and now in a dance team which shows commitment, participation and team work.


Firstly, I believe that the role of School Captain requires good organization skills.  It is very important to have organizational skills to be ready for both expected and unexpected events.  Participating in the SRC, gorilla fundraiser and the ROCC program have all helped me to be ready, calm and efficient.

ROCC meetings weren’t always easy.  Often people would not listen, talk over each other and not contribute to the discussion.  I helped worked out some strategies and I succeeded.

We produced our first newspaper.  These skills will help me in SRC, School Council and assemblies because it will be all right if I have to do a prepared speech or non-prepared speech because I will be prepared, organised and efficient.
Secondly, it is vital to have communication skills in the role of school captain because you have to be able to talk and communicate with people older and younger than you. I think I am capable of this because I work with kids older and younger than me as friends and in the Buddy program.

I love working with younger and older kids because I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I can communicate with adults too because I learn a lot from them. In future as school captain I will talk to adults which I am capable and happy doing.  Share ideas and encourage to work as a team.

Lastly, I will talk about my new learning experiences. I am ready and open to new ideas. I am excited and ready to conduct meetings, run events also be on teams with others. This experience will be exciting and fun although I will still be able to learn from this experience.

I am willing to give this all a go. My experience in Buddies, SRC, Leader of the ROCC, Green team and the Gorilla experience for the Melbourne Zoo. Have all helped me be ready prepared and excited to be your school captain for 2017


I hope you agree, vote for me and trust me to represent you as your school captain for 2017

Kind regards,




Prepared speech reflection


Prepared speech reflection:

I did a prepared speech on what are some Properties that all food must have I had difficulties through this and achievements. This my reflection on how I thought I went when I was preparing and did my prepared speech.

this is my prepared speech Click here

The difficulties I faced when I was preparing for I was…

When I prepared my speech I started my writing it up by a word document then I remembered I had to do cue cards I had to change it a bit and give more examples for ex: I had to make it more flowing put firstly, furthermore, Lastly and  in conclusion bring props in. Then I could structure my writing I also had to add in things and change them like my best argument first. After practicing it all came together my memorising and adding bits of information, it was also hard to find what I was talking about and get the main bit which I thing I could have still improved on.

The strong points I achieved and stood out in my presentation was…

The feedback I got from the class was that I had a well-structured presentation. I also felt confident when I was getting ready to go up I felt nervous but after I finished my introduction I was really comfortable. The class thought it was structured, I knew where I was and I knew what I was talking about. The props made it easier for me to communicate with the audience.

I could have worked on these habits to get a higher result next time      

I could have went into the question a bit more for example I Focused a lot on the nutritional information table and I could have gave the basics of the nutritional information when I could have focused in other areas such as other properties. I also could have connected back to the 3 states of matter. I think I could had smaller cue cards.

I could use these speaking and listening skills in other subjects

To communicate the class discussions and put input into it and ask questions. Also when I have to do a report on something I would have had this practice and I would know what to do and how to handle it. Also to break some of my habits.



prepared speech



Hello 5/6B today I will be talking to you about what are some properties that all food must have?


The 3 main areas I will talk to you are all about the nutritional information table or N.I  because that is the place where you can find all the properties of food. First question I will be answering is, what is the Nutritional information table the next thing I will explain is what are the most common things you will find on the Nutritional information table, and last of all why the nutritional information table is always on the back of food packages not the front.



You can find food properties on all manmade foods

(Show and explain the food nutritional information table.)

This is the place where you would find all the properties of food and it is called the nutritional information table and I will tell you what the nutritional information table is also called as N.I

The Ingredients must be listed in descending order of weight including added water, and if an ingredient, is less than 5% of one serving it does not have to be listed. Additive or allergen must be listed no matter how small of an amount it is. Sometimes composite ingredients can be added to the N.I list for example chocolate instead of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar in a choc chip ice-cream. You need food properties on the N.I list on every food package so you can make a good healthy choice about your food, to make sure about allergies and good needs in your life.




The food properties must have are additive or allergen which you heard about before. They also need.


  • Energy
  • Saturates
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sugars
  • Fibre
  • Protein
  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Sometimes Sodium, Calories, Individual Needs, Daily Values (DA), nutrients.

Normally shows in percentage except if it is in grams or another unit. It normally shows the average per serving and the average of 100g



Why is the nutritional information table listed on the back? Most companies DO NOT  list it on the front because of their advertising (explain a bit more about the shops and how they advertise on the front not the back show props)

Tell why fruit, vegetables and manmade stuff don’t have the nutritional information table.



In conclusion the list  shows all the properties of food and it is called the (ask students to tell me )or the N.I table and  it is placed on the back it  has variety of nutrition facts and was introduced in 2003 as a law and is still used to day so make sure you use it for your special needs, allergies and good choices for life so when you pick up your next food package that is manmade look at the nutritional information table and make sure it is the right food for you but remember to throw the wrapper out for nude food purposes.















I got this hat


This hat is very special and significant to me here I will tell you how I got this hat when I was about 6 months old it’s actually my dad’s hat and I always use to think it was mine. This year I am going to the northern territory so I hope I can find another one slightly the same so I can have my own because it is a very Aussie hat with Wallabies on it and the coulors are orange and green very Australian maybe I will find one that is different that I like better than before will find one that is different that I like better  WIN_20160525_121724

Learning goals reflection


My semester 2 goals

In Literacy I would like to learn how to structure a narrative efficiently and neat. To achieve this I will do more little narratives and work to a bigger better and stronger. Read more novels so I can see how authors structure there narratives. I want to learn in maths how to understand and use more maths vocab such as volume capacity mass and weight, to do this I will research more and discover new words. At home I would like to have more of I time table and take more responsibilities.

This is my reflection on how I accomplished my semester 1 goals

I learnt how to be more organised by having an organised diary and knowing what I’m doing everyday. I have taken on extra responsibilities around the house but know I need to do more. I’ve gotten more efficient when I learn and how to make my learning fun, efficient and easier. I have gotten better at focusing because I have tried 110% in class and home and other activities. Using computers more often has made me develop many technical skills and I will use them more and more to keep practicing.

This is my Semester 1 goals…


I want to learn how to be more organised.

To do that I will have to have timetable and be and know what I need to do at what time so I will be a bit more organised it will also help me to take more responsibilities and schedule myself for future life!


Being more efficient and getting on with the work.

To do that I will stay focused at school and home and do the work without getting distracted.


Computers and use them more often.




My story starts at the age of 10 when I decided to make a change about MEDICAL HEALTH some countries and humans have it all under control and others don’t.

Although I realized I had already made a slight change, by the age of   8 I did my first RUN4KIDS  5  KM walk and raised money for the kids in hospital, I did other walks like the mothers day classic, relay for life. I have enjoyed by helping the people in need progress to get healthier and stay alive. Also every Easter holidays  there is the good Friday appeal  I donate money, I donate money every year to the appeal.

when I was about 40 I started a job  called MEDICAL MANNERS  where people would come to medical manners (MY HOUSE) and learn how to save people when there in danger.

 It is around the corner from my  local hospital so my students can practice for a real life situation  I hope it goes on for centuries I started it late so  one day i was at medical manners and we had a lunch break and i asked one of my students if you want to take my place next week


I tried to give everyone a fair go whoever they were for there health



Soon as I get to school all my nerves kick in, I have never really done this before so what do I do, in my head I say I hope all our practice has been enough.  Quick roll call and hat and medication check all well. Getting on the bus made me feel really nervous. Anyway the bus trip felt like hours but it was 15 minutes.

This is the biggest school event ever. We look around trying to find the entrance we missed it so we went back and crossed the road and there we saw tall orange shaded tennis courts! Today I played HOT SHOTS at the end of the day I got used to how we played and the scores were

ROUND 1: Strathmore      (score:9) Moonee ponds (me) (score:1)
ROUND2: Essendon north    (score:5) Moonee ponds (me) (score:9)
ROUND3: Niddrie           (score:8) Moonee ponds (me) (score:9)


I had such a great day



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