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Why ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians


our class has been working on perswaysive writing and we chose whats ais the most important day as you can see i did this as you can see.  

By Ebony

I think ANZAC day is the most important day for Australians to celebrate and I’m going to tell you why. I think it’s sad to celebrate but you still need to remember the day and the soldiers.

Firstly, I know how they helped us because I’ve heard people telling me true stories about ANZAC day they helped us by killing enemies and fighting.

Secondly, they fought for you, so you need to celebrate because you probably wouldn’t be alive today because of the enemies they fought.  I’ve heard people say “they fought hard in the war”.

Thirdly, it can be fun and you can see relatives, to do all of that you should go to the ANZAC day parade it’s got some real soldiers and I know all of this because I have been to the ANZAC parade.

Finally, they cared for you because they wanted you to still be alive. So they fought for you so how about you celebrate and be nice to them because I’ve read in a book how hard they fought. Don’t you think they deserve us to be nice to them too?

So now do you agree with me that ANZAC day is the best Australian celebration. You can go to the ANZAC day parade, they also cared about you, they fought for you and they helped you, so celebrate ANZAC day!

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